20th Anniversary Flowers

China is the traditional symbol of a 20th anniversary. What better way to celebrate than with a delicate display of creamy china white blooms. To send perfect porcelain flowers symbolizes loyalty in love, purity and perfection and that is a marvelous message to convey on this milestone anniversary.

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Little did I know that this was to be the last time I would be sending flowers to my beloved mother. They were for her 96th Birthday. The staff at the nursing home said the flowers were beautiful and Mum lived them. Mum passed away July 20th peaceful. Thank you for always giving her such pleasure with your beautiful flowers.


When I ordered flowers for Mother's day in good time to get to their destination, it wasn't until I saw the confirmation of the delivery date of the 20th, that I realised I hadn't seen an option for it to be delivered on another date. I really wanted it to be delivered on the Saturday before. As soon as I had discovered this, I emailed a request for a date change; to no avail.


I already did a feedback on my order of March 20th...........


I was a bit disappointed on this occasion as we requested delivery on the 20th June and the flowers were not delivered until the 22nd. Normally the delivery service is excellent.


I requested delivery for Saturday 20th June however they were delivered on Friday 19th.


Quality product as expected which were greatly appreciated, however I set the delivery day for Thursday the 20th of November to surprise my mum on her birthday. The flowers arrived a day early on the 19th - this was not a major problem but it would have been nice for the flowers to be delivered on the day of her birthday.


The courier service used to deliver the flowers was appalling. i ordered the flowers to be delivered on 18th Oct and they were delivered on the 20th. I am upset as this was for my father in law's birthday. I did receive a text on the 18th that they were on the flowers were on the way so goodness knows what happened!!!

20th Anniversary Flowers and Gifts

Celebrate 20th wedding anniversary with porcelain white blooms like white roses, lilies, freesia, tulips or other fresh blooms. The 20th wedding anniversary is symbolized by china. Despite being delicate, china is a lasting material that can withstand the test of time. The perfect flowers for 20th Anniversary are just as delicate and just as long-lasting.

We take pride in helping you make your big days even more memorable with a beautiful flowers. We make sure you have access to those flowers no matter if you are already late. Even if you order at 10 pm, your bouquet will arrive at your door right the next day. And the 20th Anniversary flowers will be just as fresh as you can imagine. You don't have to choose the typical porcelain white bouquet just to keep up with the tradition. We have a wide range of flowers created by expert florists who understand that every couple is unique. They use their expertise to create the most invigorating blend of colours and fragrance in our flowers for the 20th anniversary. And the colour choice for this auspicious occasion goes from porcelain and pastels to yellows and pinks. You have complete freedom to shun the tradition and surprise your significant other with our one of a kind 20th-anniversary flowers. Double the joy of this wonderful day with flowers that will make your partner fall in love all over again. Send 20th Anniversary Flowers from SerenataFlowers.com

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