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For all the watercooler moments, the pints down the pub, the PowerPoint-bored stifled yawns, the cuppas they’ve made when your workload was doubled and your deadlines gazumped… a workmate is a very special kind of friend, so when you're sending flowers to celebrate promotion or birthday, make sure you pick the best of the bunch from

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Service rating : Service was good, had an issue with the quality & Sertenata replaced them, which is what I would have expected. However, a little dissapointed that they would not accept my word that I was dissatisfied & I had to ask the person who the flowers were delivered to to take a photo.
Product : Ordered for a work colleague, flowers delivered on specified day, however, they were in very poor condition, and I felt embarrasesed to have been the person that ordered them. However, I reported this to Serenata who apologised & offered a new bouquet, which were fine. However, as the occaision was a birthday, I would have preferred them to be right first time. Not sure if I would order again.


I didn’t actually see the flowers or chocolates - however I have rated your service as excellent because of the following email we received from our colleague who received the flowers & chocolates.

...Today I received some flowers and chocolates. When I opened it and saw that it was from the ..., my eyes were filled with tears - I cried. I could only thank God for the love shown to me and I asked God, if I am worth it.
Thank you very much to you and all concerned. I am waiting for my daughter to show her the flowers...


I am particularly delighted and impressed by the standard of your service because they were a few problems with my order created by me. The true quality of a service is how you manage crisis in service delivery. I must say that my objective of getting the flowers to the funeral was achieved and for this I am delighted with the star quality of your service. A colleague recommended your service and I can say that I was not dissapointed with the regular communication and the overall result. I will definitely return. and will spread the word on how brilliant your service is.


Service rating : Excellent. The Team took into account the message I had left concerning my disabled in-laws and your colleague unpacked and displayed the flowers for my mother in law who would have found it difficult to do this by herself. A big thank you for your helpfulness and kindness.
Product : Good choice with some unusual flowers - this is the reason why I chose this specific bouquet. It made a nice change to the traditional "pink" bouquets and my mother in law is still talking about them a week later!


Service rating : It’s lovely to order via the website and know that you are going to receive a good service. I’ve used SerenataFlowers before and will continue to do so.
Product : Phone my colleague up to see if she’d received the flowers (knew that she had as I had received feedback from Serenata Flowers) but wanted to hear her reaction to the bouquet and she loved them! Good enough for me!!


Service rating : Easy to use website, have always delivered on time. Good company and service.
Product : I have ordered flowers from you on a number of occasions and the recipients have been very happy. The last bouquet I ordered which cost in excess of £35 was for a work colleague and I was very disappointed with the small size of the bouquet. It looked like a bunch of flowers for around £15 tops.


Service rating : It was useful to have a text confirming the flowers had been delivered
Product : These flowers were for a bereaved colleague and she has not returned to work yet so I can’t comment on what the flowers were actually like. Thinking about the cards on the website, it would be good to have a suitable design for a sympathy card eg something in pale purple/white with a message like ’Thinking of You’.

Send Flowers for a Colleague

We've all got them! The buddies who have your back whenever the boss goes bananas in a meeting or after a certain account went south. Since we normally spend at least 8 hours a day with our colleagues, some of them become your bosom buddies. We are all about giving back, especially to those who mean a lot to you. This is why we offer a fabulous range of flowers for a colleague that you can easily purchase online. People always look for a reason to celebrate. Our next day colleague flowers allow you to do just that. Throughout your working life there are going to be many occasions that will call for you having to buy flowers for a colleague. It could be your colleague's birthday, celebrating their promotion, or you just want to get old Martha at admin, flowers just to make her day. In that case, is the perfect place for you to turn to. If you want to send flowers to colleague, you don't need to run to the next London flower shop or florists around the country. We are one of the largest online flower shops in the UK and believe us when we tell you that we have got an absolutely awesome inventory of flowers that are delivered to your doorstep freshly plucked and looking beautiful.

Birthday Flowers for a Colleague

You've finished with the birthday collection and everybody has already signed the card. Now, all you have to do is cast a great impression by getting your colleagues a gorgeous, freshly made bouquet that will be delivered to them right to their office. Now, is our next day colleague flowers services a classy way of saying "Happy Birthday" or what! Bad Day at Work? So your office buddy had a bad day at work. is the only place where you get to buy and send flowers to colleague which matches their personality. We offer flower vases, flower bouquets and even adorable flower baskets filled with roses, daisies and many more unbelievable combinations that will surely put a smile on your colleague's face. Last minute gift? No problem either - we offer same day flower delivery on our selected range, as long as you order by 2.30pm we will be able to delivery the flowers same day.

Whether you want to welcome a new member to your team or celebrate a senior colleague approaching retirement, we have just the collection of flower bouquets for colleague, boxes and baskets you need to match their taste perfectly. The best part about using our services to send flowers to colleague is that it is so easy. All you have to do to buy your colleague flowers is log on to our website and scroll through our extensive and always growing inventory of amazing flowers and floral arrangement ideas. We guarantee that we've got the best bunch of flowers online. We love playing with a diverse range of flowers to get you the type of bouquet you need. And, we strive to make the experience of buying your colleagues online as painless as possible. With our next day colleague flowers, you can rest assured that you will be getting a premium quality service that will make a lasting impression on the recipient.

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