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Keen to transform blossoming love into unbridled passion? Send someone a bunch of long-distance kisses or create a Serenata Shangri-la in your home with a pathway of potent petals leading from the front door to wherever your imagination takes you...

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Service rating : Good service and delivered as promised
Product : Extremely poor product. This was supposed to be the upgrade so dread to think what the basic £20 version would look like?! Bouquet was very small for £35 and a few of the flowers had seen better days. Spent £35 elsewhere in the past and received a large bouquet, this was no bigger than a £10 bunch from Asda and I was actually embarrassed when my fiance walked out of work holding them. Also, they were delivered in a cardboard box so not the most romantic of deliveries. Highly unlikely, well, I wont be using Serenata Flowers again! I was going to order a delivery for my mum for mothers day but good job I didn’t!!!!


Service rating : The product was delivered at a satisfactory time.
Product : I’d ordered the deluxe for an extra £5 thinking it would be more special. However, having spoken to my girlfriend, the flowers arrived damaged, and in a cardboard box wrapped in wet tissue... hardly the romantic gesture I was hoping her to receive for £30. I’m very sceptical as to whether I’ll use your service again and actually feel like I need some sort of refund for a bad quality product... which was supposed to be *deluxe*


Service rating : Communications were brilliant with a touch of wit to the emailed updates of the progress of delivery.
Product : The flowers were beautiful with the biggest Lilly’s I have ever seen. They came in a cardboard box, ok not very romantic, but it meant the flowers arrived in perfect condition. I was lucky enough to get these at half price. I would have been happy to pay full price for them.


Service rating : I was kept informed by text and email with humorous and descriptive messages, building on the Fairytale Love theme. Fabulous!
The order was delivered within the time specified and delivered to the alternate address agreed if the recipient was not home, as was the case.
Product : The Fairy Tale promise was delivered and received. And was every bit as romantic as it looked online. Thank you Serenata Flowers.


Service rating : Delivered exactly at the time I had requested. Did not know the flowers would need the stems cutting and arranging after delivery or that they would be arriving in a taped up box. Not great if your going for a romantic moment.
Product : Nice size but some of the roses were slightly browned.

Great Yarmouth

This was my first and last purchase with Seranata, only due to the poor quality of flowers/wrapping. I ordered 12 LUXURY roses, and instead I received 16 very poor quality ones. The wrapping and water box were also poor. Delivered in a cardboard box! Hardly romantic for valentines! Not £60 worth! Interflora give much superior quality flowers and wrapping.


I ordered a romantic cake but actually a birthday cake was delivery. Very disappointed with this mistake. As suggested in the name of the cake I ordered it was for an anniversary .. Two red hearts. A cake was received with big blue ribbon on it and happy birthday.

Romantic Flowers with free delivery

Wondering when and how to send romantic flowers? Are having trouble finding the right gift to give to your girlfriend or wife for her birthday or your wedding anniversary, then do not worry because you are not alone. Many guys have a hard time looking for the best gift that can show their love and appreciation. Believe it or not, the best gift you can give them is a bouquet of romantic flowers, and all your worries are solved. We are home to the best flowers romantic you can find on the market. Romantic pink and orange flowers are easy to find and have never been more beautiful. This is because they only get their flowers from the best flower farms in the country. They also have a team of well-experienced florists that can arrange delivery of beautiful flowers for tomorrow and hampers romantic into something more extravagant. You will not have to worry about the state in which your romantic flowers by post will arrive. They only employ the best means for your romantic flowers delivered. Transported via sealed air-conditioned units, these romantic messengers are kept fresh and beautiful before arriving at your doorstep. They are also immersed in a stem bath to keep them from drying up. Our romantic flower delivery will arrive at your house as fresh and beautiful as possible. Romantic flowers for your loved one are easily accessible, you certainly will not find any flower arrangements as beautiful as these are. With these romantic gift same day delivery, your loved one will surely fall in love with you all over again and beg you to send romantic flowers affordable every day of the week.

10 most romantic flowers

Forget expensive jewellery or designer handbags, women believe being given flowers is the most romantic gift of all. However, choosing the right flowers to give to your wife or girlfriend can be extremely difficult – but it is always best to go with a flower that has the right meaning to it. Forget being the 21st century man; bring back some chivalry - that is what every woman wants to see. Women love to receive flowers 'just because' as it demonstrates that you were thinking of her and took the time to choose the perfect bloom just for her. You don't just have to send flowers because it is a birthday or Valentine's Day – you can send them as a surprise too. So, here are the top 10 most romantic flowers:

1. Red rose - Naturally the red rose is associated with romance and has been for centuries. With a rose, you can choose to give a bouquet or a single stem. This depends on what you believe your partner would prefer.

2. Daisy - The daisy epitomises love in its purest form and are a hit amongst women when it comes to romance. A bouquet of daisies translates the purest form of love for your partner.

3. Carnations - The carnation is a favourite amongst many women and due to their long life span they translate the emotion of fixation towards your loved one.

4. Iris - Whilst this flower is often associated with the feelings of faith and hope, they are extremely popular as a romantic gesture. The iris is especially good as part of a bouquet to add a touch of beauty and sincerity to it.

5. Orchids - This is probably second in popularity behind the rose when it comes to the number of people who purchase this flower as part of a romantic gift. The beauty and scent of the orchid spells out the magic of love immediately. They also represent seduction so are ideal for demonstrating your passion and lust for your partner.

6. Lilacs - These are an extremely delicate flower and mean 'do you still love me?' This is a great flower to use to reaffirm your love for your partner or wife.

7. Lily - This flower represents love in its truest sense – different colours are available based on the intensity of your love.

8. Wildflowers - These are the rarest flowers available in the UK and by using these to make up a bouquet will provide a hugely unique way of telling your loved one how much she means to you.

9. Sunflowers - The sunflower is ideal for married couples as it signifies how love has grown over the years. These flowers are ideal for wedding anniversaries.

10. Tulip - The tulip represents the idea of the perfect love. Bouquets made from tulips are the ideal way to tell your loved one just how much she means to you.

Romantic flowers and their meaning

Romance doesn't mean waiting for Valentine's Day, Birthday or Anniversary to spoil your other half with some lovely surprise or gift. Every day we should embrace those around us and treat them with a little token of your love. If you're running out of inspiration and don't want to opt for traditional roses, there are plenty more romantic flowers you can gift to your other half. For example Iris, pretty unusual, but did you know it symbolizes courage and admiration? If you're looking for the perfect flowers for your wife, you might want to consider sunflowers – they symbolise adoration, loyalty and longevity, pretty romantic, isn't it? If she is an elegant and stylish lady, then she would love to receive an orchid – it's a symbol of love, beauty and luxury. What's the ultimate romantic flower? One that you wouldn't probably thing of – tulips! They symbolise perfect love and are a great alternative dozen red roses, especially on Valentine's Day. Stand out from the crowd and surprise your lady with unique romantic flowers delivered straight to her door. It doesn't matter if you pick her favourite flower variety or colour, she will certainly appreciate the gesture, there's never enough flowers when it comes to romance. With you can get your flowers delivered anywhere in the UK from Monday to Sunday with free standard delivery. As a leading UK online florist we are offering you amazing value for money and wide range of flowers, so romance is always available in just a few clicks.

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