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Pink roses traditionally symbolise love, grace, elegance, and gentility. Send these delicate petals to a lady your want to impress or a dear friend you want to cheer up.

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No-one knocked when delivery arrived (as I was in with my parents visiting hence delivery date) but found box outside back door and mum opened them.
Lilys were unopened and look nice with green and white however the 6 pink roses looked very tired - a little disappointing!
Happy with punctual delivery and good communication though. I did send them message with feedback and later they asked me to send photo however by this time I was returning to London. I didn't want to bother my parents with photos etc shame they don't trust customers so probably won't use again.
Happy I had not paid full price!
Paul Whitworth (Order no:215438688)

Milton Keynes

Service rating : an excellent site that is highly competitive in price and exceeds all competitors in customer service. from the moment you place your order, you are made to feel that you are in safe hands - being sent an email is only the start of the journey. you are kept in the loop that the flowers are not only way to the recipient but also that they have been delivered safely. a great service from start to finish.
Product : i was told that the dozen red and pink roses that i had sent to my niece were amazing not only in looks but in quality too. they have lasted almost a week and were the same price if not cheaper than competitors.


Service rating : delivery as stated and ontime
keeps customer updated about stage of delivery
Product : flowers are tied very well but he blooms themselves arrived frost-bitten and damaged. The bouquet lasted all of 4 days at maximum days before it wilted and the pink roses withered and died. There were 10 roses which is a good number but all were damaged and in full bloom therefore lasting a very short time.
Good presentation but bad quality product.


The flower petals of the pink roses were damaged, but I loved the image on the website so thought this will be great but the flowers especially the pink ones were turning brown and damaged on the 1st day but had no choice but to hand it to the person whos birthday it was. But overall great customer service and the websites great too. Maybe next time this won’t happen again but great service. Thanks


Service rating : Some flowers arrived on the right day. Not the ones ordered but on a mercy my lady liked what did arrive and her hayfever coped, too
Product : Fiesta NOT delivered - a mixture of crimson and dusky pink roses arrived
Serenata have given me the option of a re-send which I should like to take up but I am struggling to negotiate through the website to effect this


I have had flowers delivered to me many times over the last year from your company but I was disappoint on the arrival today, I believe these should have been delivered on Saturday or Sunday and not today. Two of the pink roses had their head snapped. I would still recommend you to friends and family as this is the first disappointment and previously your service has been excellent.


Service rating : Flowers delivered early Mothers day
Product : after 1 week the four pink roses are dying without having opened and three of the pink lilies again are dying without opening .The daisies and carnations are healthy and still flowering .I have today taken a photograph of the display.
On previous occasions the flowers have always been to a high standard

Stunning pink roses delivered in UK

Looking for the best pink roses in town? You came to the right place, at we have some of the best value roses in town, all within the reach of your fingertips online. But let us introduce you first - did you know that roses of this color are most commonly found in nature and are one of the first ones commercially cultivated? Another thing you might be wondering about is the meaning of pink roses. Surely you don't want to send your lady or a friend roses of the wrong colour and give her a different message to what you've been meaning to!

Meaning of Pink Roses

Are you wondering what do pink roses mean? Generally speaking, they symbolise love, gratitude and appreciation. But that's not all, because the roses can have different shades of pink, each has it's own meaning! Here are three basic groups: dark pink roses symbolise appreciation, or gratitude so they are the perfect gift to send if you want to say thank you. If you want to congratulate a friend on finding love or cheer up a friend who has been feeling sad, opt for medium pink roses. The light shades symbolise gentleness and admiration, and should be your top pick if you're planning to send flowers to your mum or sister, for example.

Remember, it doesn't matter if you get the shade right or wrong, what matters is the gesture and the fact that you took time and effort to send flowers to someone's home. If you order pink roses as a gift, you can be assured that every detail of its presentation and packaging is well thought of. If it is convenience, option, and affordability that you are after, shopping flowers online at is the right place to go.

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