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If you are looking for a bunch of the most delicate white roses in the world, Serenata Flowers is the place you want to visit. The roses they offer are fresh, big, blossoming, and perfect for absolutely any occasion. These fluffy roses will put a smile on the unhappiest face.

A Dozen White Roses
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Service rating : The flowers arrived during the time slot stated however the link to track your order merely tells you that the order is out for delivery. Details of the couriers order number would assist in actually tracking the delivery.
Product : Not at all happy with the quality of the product. The bouquet looked lovely on arrival at 7.30 pm but the next morning I could see the smaller roses beginning to wilt and the bigger white roses turning brown. I had already taken the flowers out of their packaging and into a vase with the feed by this time but it didn’t help. I would have been better buying from a supermarket.

Bognor Regis

Service rating : The flowers were apparently fine but as they could not send the white blooms basket I asked they send something similar.My sister in law received a vase with three white roses some foliage and bamboo and when I asked for details of this arrangement so that I could view it on line they could not give them to me and insisted they had sent the white blooms basket which they had not. My query turned into a complaint due to the way it was handled.
Product : White Blooms not available and alternative sent. I have no reason to think that the flowers sent were not up to standard but we’re different.


Service rating : Good service
Product : The second bunch of flowers delivered were not impressive in the slightest. White roses looked dull rather than fresh and ready to bloom nicely. Lilleys looked poor quality. I upgraded to bigger the bigger bunch for an extra £5. Very unhappy, and won’t use again. I could have spend £5 less in Tesco for a far superior bunch of flowers. Wouldn’t recommend.


Service rating : I have now ordered from Sereneta four times and three of those have been for friends. They have been delighted by them and the way they have arrived. the flower i ordered for my mum were perhaps the wrong choice (white roses and freesia} The roses were a little brown and not as many freesia as I expected but they lasted for weeks and when they had opened up looked fine after an initial disappointment.
Product : I believe they were lovely


Service rating : I have had good experiences with Serenata in the past but I’m unhappy with the way my complaint was dealt with this time. I have tried contacting them twice but had no response.
Product : The flowers that arrived were nothing like the picture on the website. The freesia and white roses came as two seperate bunches and I had to mix them myself. I was particularly disappointed as they were for Mother’s Day.


Flowers delivered were very nice and delivered within the promised time frame. Unfortunately the White Roses were starting to brown on the end. As they were a gift for my mum i was a bit dissaponted. I have used the company on several occasions and will continue to do so as generally the flowers and presentation are of a high quality.


Very helpful friendly service,even though I had personal difficulties being an on-line novice. The delivery was on time and my friend was delighted with her beautiful white roses and purple freesias. Thank you.

Meaning of white roses

Innocent white roses. Stunning and elegant not just because of their simplicity. The main meaning of white roses is innocence and purity. They are a popular wedding flower because they look luxurious and impressive on their own. They are suited to an abundance of occasions and are the perfect way to honour a friend or a loved one. Their purity portrays respect and sophistication. Presenting a bouquet to a loved one is a great way to pay tribute to a new beginning, whilst also expressing feelings of hope for the future.

The trend for roses as bridal flowers first began at Queen Victoria's wedding in 1840. In 14th-century England they were the 'heraldic sign of the Duke of York'. These flowers have also been associated with trust, loyalty and secrecy. This was down to the parts they have played in various historical events. Today, they are still associated with formal ceremonies and feeling of pure love.

Other terminologies used to describe this flower comprise serenity and peace. Those who behold these flowers are said to feel all of these emotions. Have you ever wondered about what the white rose represents? This elegant bloom holds an abundance of representations, including their ancient roots. In Roman times white roses were linked to the Goddess of Love and Beauty. The myth led people to believe all roses were white until the Aphrodite pricked herself on one of the thorns. That turned each and every white rose a deep shade of red. The Rye Castle Museum reveals that these roses were extremely popular in medieval times. Long before red roses became a symbol of true love, white ones held the exact same significance. Today they are used for a variety of different feelings and messages. Single rose is sometimes used in funerals because white is associated with honour, reverence, and heavenliness.

These long-established meanings of flowers are recognised today. White roses are a beautiful gift for any occasion simply because of their elegant appearance. You can give roses as gifts to friends because they can express love, respect, friendship, and hope. If your intent is to deliver a bouquet of roses as a gift on a special occasion, or to ease someone's grieving at a loved one's passing, you will find that these roses can accomplish all of this.

Rose Buying Tips: White Rose Types and Names

You've probably already heard about the Avalanche Roses, most popular white roses on the market. They grow on pretty long stems from 50 to 90cm and the outer leaves can have a green hue to them. It is one of the most reliable and impressive roses. Their vase life is ten to fourteen days. Other types used by florists are Akito, Norma Jeane, Patience by David Austin with ruffled petals. Tibet, Polar Star, Mondial with its signature swirly petal shape, Alba, Vendela, Green Eye. Certain growers offer the Avalanche roses in black label, which are picked with tight buds and with blue label. Generally, the longer the stem of the rose is, the bigger the head will be.

White roses delivery - FREE in the UK

To arrange roses delivery, you don't need to start searching for a local florist near you. Shop your flowers online at SerenataFlowers.com. You can choose from white rose bouquets or a mixed bouquets. You can send a bouquet with or without a vase and choose from few delivery options. The vase options also allow you to choose to include greenery or more of the splendid flowers you know the recipient will love so much. We can arrange white roses delivery next day anywhere in the UK, from Monday to Sunday. Our standard delivery is free all week, including weekend. Place your order by 10pm weekdays to make sure we can deliver the flowers on time the next day.

Same day delivery at a small charge or a timed delivery are also available. Arrange your delivery of our stunning roses today. Let the recipient enjoy fresh, beautiful and affordable roses with long lasting vase life. Choose one of the most convenient ways of sending flowers without the need to leave your home. Send roses with our courier service and wait to hear from the excited recipient what a wonderful surprise just arrived at their door. Spoil them with best quality white roses on a special occasion and let them enjoy the finest flowers from UK's leading florist.

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