With their gorgeous golden heads that turn towards the sun, sunflowers have become emblems of devotion and admiration. Although popularised by the Dutch artist Van Gogh, these heliotropic hedonists originate from the Americas, where they were reportedly venerated by Inca tribes who considered them to be images of their sun god.

Tequila Sunrise

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Service rating : Service was good; Serenata Flowers kept me informed of when my order would be delivered.
Product : I ordered the sunflower arrangement for a friend as sunflowers are her favourite flower. The arrangement, which was absolutely stunning, was left with a next door neighbour. When my friend collected the arrangement, the glass fishbowl was of such poor quality that it broke into pieces as it was handed over to her. I found out some time later, by chance, what had happened. I was very disappointed at hearing this, but glad that my friend was not injured by the broken glass. This is the first time I have used Serenata Flowers; sadly, I won’t be using them again.


After an unfortunate mix up with address (I was given the wrong one!) the first delivery of flowers 'Madonna' (and specially chosen chocolates) was kept by the new owner :o( so never reached the chosen recipient. After several emails with your dedicated customer service team, I was delighted your were able to deliver a second bouquet so quickly, and, although sadly the moment of sympathy was lost, the recipient was very happy with the flowers, especially the cheerful sunflowers :o) Thank You x


Service rating : A search facility - by type of flowers/price etc would be really useful. I’d like to be able to filter in or out on particular flower types.
Product : My mum loved them! However it didn’t look like the deluxe size had any more sunflowers in it than the standard one - and was filled in with other background filler flowers instead


Service rating : Excellent communication throughout the process
Product : Although the flowers arrived on time, I got to see them the following day and was disappointed by the quality. Th e sunflowers were wilting and obviously past their best.

I cant recommend this arrangement. Photos available if interested


In the picture of the bouquet the sunflowers were quite prominent however when te flowers were delivered the sunflowers faded into the rest of the bouquet. As they were the key selling feature to me it was a shame. Perhaps the sunflowers can be arranged so the are slightly higher than the rest of the greenery or chose bigger flowers so they stand out more. Other than that, they looked great!


Service rating : Speedy delivery and good selection
Product : Slightly disappointed with overall size of bouquet....could had done with a couple of sunflowers to bulk it out. Otherwise, nice selection of flowers. Too early to respond on longevity of flowers


Service rating : Easy to purchase.
Product : Flowers started to wilt after a few days and sunflowers dropped petals. Roses dried out in appearance after two days. Replacement bunch sent and will wait to see if any better.

Sunflower Bouquets and Sunflowers delivered for FREE

Sunflowers, also known as Helianthus, are cheerful flowers widely available in florist shops or in local gardens. The word derives from Greek Helios, which means sun, and athnos, which means flower. There are around 70 species of sunflowers in the work, and most are native to North America. Did you know even sunflowers were once endangered? It was the variety called Whorled sunflowers which was listed as endangered species in 2014 in the US. Sunflowers can grow up to 300 centimeters and during their growth tilt their heads towards the sun, a phenomena known as heliotropism. Whether you're looking to plant these summer beauties in your garden, or only want to arrange next day sunflowers delivery, they are guaranteed to impress and cheer up even on the gloomiest days. Sunflowers make a wonderful addition to summer flower bouquets, you can combine them nicely with yellow roses and vibrant foliage. These days, to get your sunshine fix, you don't need to venture too far – simply send sunflowers by post and wait for the ray of sunshine to come through your mail box. At, you can get sunflowers delivered anywhere in the UK, seven days a week and rely on our efficient and affordable flower delivery service to deliver your sentiments across the country. There are so many flowers online to choose from, so why should you opt for sunflowers? It's simple – they are the flowers that bring sunshine to even the gloomiest day, bring a smile everywhere they arrive and make an impressive appearance along with other flowers. If you pick sunflowers, you know that with each sunflowers delivery you are also sending a bit of sunshine. A gift for any occasion, sunflowers make a wonderful flower to present for birthdays, anniversaries or send to someone just because, to cheer them up. Arrange to have sunflowers delivered any day of the week, and we will deliver them free anywhere in the UK. Send sunflowers next day with and make a grand impression with the best gift you could send – fresh flowers and your love.

Sunflowers, also known as the messengers of happiness and sunshine, are one of the most popular flowers given in the UK. They instantly cheer up the recipient and brighten up any room. Did you know you can now have sunflowers delivered anywhere in the UK? Choose from standard next day delivery or send sunflowers by post and spoil someone with a bright cheerful gift any day of the week. With our online flower delivery service it has never been easier. Our beautiful sunflower bouquets are beaming with joy and excitement over their next destination. Let us help you spread some joy by sending sunflowers to your family and friends. Cheer up someone on a sad occasion, send get well wishes to someone recovering from illness or send sunflowers just because you want to make someone's day.

Sunflowers Delivery anywhere in the UK

Thanks to our online flower delivery service, in order to send sunflowers, you only need to visit and placing your order in three simple steps. All of our beautiful floral arrangements are now just within the reach of your fingertips and surprising someone with beautiful flowers doesn't mean a trip to the local florist anymore. Shop from the comfort of your home and use one of the most convenient ways to send flowers – send sunflowers by post online. Whichever bouquet you choose, we use only the freshest highest quality flowers, to ensure that our flowers have the longest possible life after being delivered to the recipient. Despite delivering such a precious and delicate content, our flowers always arrive unharmed and in pristine conditions thanks to the care we've taken while preparing and packaging them. There is no need to worry about the transit or delivering your precious flowers. Send sunflowers today and see for yourself how easy and fast it is to have sunflowers delivered.

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