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Send sympathy flowers and express your deepest condolences. On such a sad occasion, it is important that you let your relative or friend know that you are thinking of them and that they have your love and support. Have sympathy flowers delivered anywhere in the UK, 7 days a week.

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Service was were prompt and flowers were very appropriate for my purpose.I wished the flowers for a very dear and close relative.When I saw them , over 300miles from home I was very please and they lasted for all the many days that people called in to pay their respects.
One very sBlight criticism which may be my own misunderstanding is that the card enclosed did not convey my sincere sympathy.
I would and will certainly recommend your service and quality of flowers and definitely use them in the future.


Excellent service. Quick and easy. Only thing I would say is there is lots of jovial banter from the website to the emails received which is great and lord knows the world needs some of that. However when the flowers are for say the loss of a loved one, it all reads rather insensitively. Which of course would never be your aim but if your website was more intuitive, say when some one clicks on occasion then announces its for sympathy or grievance purposes then the notifications and emails etc could be automatically tweeked. But please do not read this as negative just a thought.


I had a problem as I did not choose a card as I had sent a sympathy card earlier. Due to this my friend had no idea who the lovely flowers were from.I had to ask if she had received them and also she was asking around as she thought they might be from me.. This was disappointing.I thought my name would have been on the delivery somewhere


On discovering I had made an address error (20 mins later) I immediately emailed Customer Service and told them of my mistake they promptly updated new address and flowers were delivered to correct address. As flowers in question were Sympathy Flowers recipient advised that they were lovely and very fresh. Thank you.


Always excellent service and it's great they actually let you know when they arrive .
Only disappointment was they said as I had not bought a card the person who was receiving the flowers wouldn't know who they were from .
I wanted to send a really nice sympathy card separately I would have though a little tag card should be included in price .


Will always use Serentaflowers, they kept me updated by text & email every step from ordering, my last Flowers were sent in sympathy and I got to see them 2 weeks after sending and they still looked beautiful.


Easy to use site and reasonable prices, the only drawback was that I was sending sympathy flowers and you have a generic email that is really aimed at celebration flower orders, a more toned down one would be better for sympathy ones.

Send Sympathy Flowers in UK with Serenata Flowers

Send condolence flowers to let your loved ones know you are thinking of them at such a sad time. Choose from sympathy flowers with free next day delivery at Compassion and consolation are much needed if you or your relatives lost a loved one. At a time of mourning you can send sympathy flowers to express your sincere condolences. Send a sympathy bouquet with delicate pink tones or opt for classic white arrangement with roses or lilies. A delicate blend of white flowers with soft lilac or purple tones will be also suitable to show your understanding at a difficult time. Order sympathy flowers online at and we can deliver them next day in timely manner. They will show your relative or friend that your support, empathy and love is available to them. Death of a relative or friend is a very difficult to deal with. Your loved ones will appreciate all the support and help they can get. Make sure they know they can count on you in difficult times by arranging a delivery of sympathy flowers and card by post or courier.

When to send Sympathy Flowers? Sensitivity with timing is important. You don't want to do it too quickly, as the family will be overcome with grief. On the other hand, you can't wait too long because the gesture might lose it's real meaning. The standard sympathy etiquette suggests that ideally you should send sympathy flowers a week or two after the funeral. After that the initial shock and chaos passed. You can send them to the home of the bereaved family, to let them know "I'm thinking of you". If you're worried that you will send flowers too late, you can always explain yourself in a note that you've just heard about the sad news and didn't want to leave out your sincere condolences.

What flowers are appropriate to express your sympathy and condolences? Florists will guide you and help you choose the right bouquet of sympathy flowers. UK's sympathy etiquette will guide you to use white lilies or roses, but here is nothing that should prevent you to send a colourful arrangement. That will help to celebrate the life of the deceased in a joyful manner. It will also provide a much needed diversion from the grim atmosphere after funeral services and remind the family to keep looking forward. At you can choose from a carefully selected range of sympathy flowers that will meet the protocol. Our flowers will speak a thousand words, especially when it is difficult to find the right words on your own.

What flowers for funeral are appropriate for delivery in UK? You can't go wrong with white roses or lilies. If you prefer something long lasting, you can choose planted roses or orchids. They are elegant, lasting and will be a reminder for the bereaved family that their loved ones are there to support them in difficult times. Instead of gift, you can also offer your own time and support. Let the relative or friend know that you are available when they need you.

What's the difference between Sympathy Flowers and flowers for funerals? You can give sympathy flowers to the family of the deceased, they are smaller flower arrangements, bouquets or baskets. It is your way of expressing your deepest condolences to the family and extending your offer for support and help. You can send or bring funeral flowers to the place of the funeral service, and not to the home of the deceased family. They come in shape of wreaths, casket flowers, cushions and other. They are usually larger and made for this occasion only. They should never send them directly to the grieving family. If you want to send funeral flowers, make sure you find out the exact place and time of the funeral and get the flowers delivered by post or courier in advance.

I don't know what to write on a Sympathy card! No problem at all. We have a wide selection of sympathy and condolences messages you can include on our free greeting card. We know how difficult it is to express your feelings on such a tragic occasion and we are happy to help with crafting the most sincere condolence messages.

Where can I have sympathy flowers delivered in UK? You can send flowers from, as long as you order by 10pm we will make sure your flowers are delivered the very next day. We understand that at such sad occasion, the last thing you want is deal with flower delivery service and florist asking you a million questions. We have designed a whole range to make the process as smooth and as easy as possible. That way you can concentrate on the more important things – providing your support and love to the bereaved family. All of our sympathy flowers are delivered with free delivery anywhere in the UK.

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