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We all have those special people in our lives who we miss and remember every now and then. Don’t you think they deserve to know you are thinking of them? Of course they do! What better way to tell someone how special they are to you than sending them wonderful bouquet fresh flowers!

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Overall great service the flowers were beautiful and my girlfriend loved the chocolates, she is french so she knows good chocolates when she eats them the message in card was word for word (i was expecting the message to spell correct what i wrote) and the balloon was a lovely touch. (although cheesy but hey we all love a bit of cheese don't we :) its called romance)
The only thing i was a bit annoyed at is that she got them too early in the day i had option for Guaranteed delivery before 10am but i chose guaranteed before noon (thinking she would get them between 10am and 12pm) which wouldn't interrupt her work before her morning break they arrived at 9.20am but luckily her boss is a cool guy and he was just like oh i never got my missis anything like that so i will let you off. I would Definitely order from you guys again thanks for making my now Fiancee a Happy Lady


Flowers and delivery fine but they were ordered for delivery to a Funeral Parlour and addressed "for the funeral of ...". I then received VERY inappropriate messages to advise me of delivery and informing me that recipient was likely to be so thrilled that I would be getting a "tingling sensation". I quote the message: "Maybe it's an old wives' tale, but if you get a ringing in your ear soon, chances are it's because someone's thinking of you - and not just any old someone, but forfuneral of Margaret Wood " Hardly sensitive.


Fast and efficient - I loved that i was kept informed by text through all the stages of my order and that I knew the flowers had been received on time at the Funeral Home. The only sad thing was that I received an automated email saying that someone would be thinking of me and glad to receive my delivery. Obviously, if I am sending funeral flowers to a funeral home, the recipient would not be thinking of me and it is quite upsetting to receive this email.


I did leave feedback a couple of weeks ago but haven't heard anything back. The last few times I have ordered flowers they have been delivered the day before the requested date, the main reason I send flowers is to family that have lost a relative on a particular day but then the flowers arrive early with a card that says 'thinking of you today' when it's not the correct day. Why are dates requested then delivered early?


I have used this company several times, without problems. The only thing this time was that there was no one in on delivery and the driver left the flowers with a neighbor but did not leave a card to say where the flowers were. So, my mum had to wait until the neighbor brought them, thinking they had not been delivered yet


Ordered Birthday flowers for grandma in Spain. The order was only place at 8pm in the evening, the ad did say next day delivery however I was thinking maybe not this ordering so late in the evening and communication needs to be made in Spain manana. The flowers were delivered the next afternoon. Service super.


The text alerts are very good but the actual flowers were not as in the online illustration and I had to complain. They did deal with it immediately so everyone was happy in the end. I had ordered a vase, thinking they would arrive in it so my elderly parents would not have to spend time arranging them. My mistake but the photo did show the flowers in the vase.

Make Someone's Day With Thinking of You Flowers

Do you know what the best thing is about flowers? They make for a perfect gift for any occasion. However, there is a quality even better. Flowers are also a perfect gift when there is simply no occasion. Thinking of you flowers by are the best way of telling someone that they have a special place in your heart, and that they are missed more than they can imagine. Unlike flowers sent on an occasion, thinking of you flowers have a powerful element of surprise to them. Imagine a bouquet of flowers arriving at your doorstep when you were least expecting it. Wouldn't you feel tremendously special and loved? That is exactly how wonderful you can make someone feel. So, why not arrange next day flowers in London or anywhere in the UK via

Thinking of you flowers can be sent to everyone ranging from a best friend living far away to a family member you haven't been able to get in touch with for a while, or even to a friend to express your deepest condolences. In fact, thinking of you flowers can also be sent when you don't specifically want to send the missing you flowers to someone.

Thinking of You Flowers from our online shop

From a vase of citrusy oranges and yellows to a beautiful big bouquet of pink roses, our range of thinking of you flowers is just as diverse as the people in your life. The idea is to help you find and send something that compliments the personality of the recipient as well as the nature of the bond you share with them. Created by our expert florists, each arrangement of flowers in our gallery has something unique and different about it. While some seem utterly romantic and perfect for your love interest, others are just as bright and bubbly as your years in college. We even have the elegant variety of thinking of you flowers to be sent to your family members. We know the art of flower arrangement, and we make our bouquets look better by ensuring that every flower in its freshest form when packed.

To make sure our thinking of you flowers reach their destination fresh and fast, we promise next day delivery throughout UK. We will deliver even on Saturday and Sunday. Most importantly, we will deliver the next day even if you order the flowers at 10pm. So, don't keep it to yourself. Browse through our selection and let them know how special they are with the perfect thinking of you flowers.

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