Exquisitely exotic, orchids are versatile gifts with the added bonus of longevity. Symbolising beauty and refinement, they make the perfect birthday or thank-you present, and add an air of sophisticated interest to the home and office.

Yellow Phalaenopsis Orchid

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Service rating : Just what I have come to expect from Serenata,--especially when you hpnoured the 10% discount!
Product : Our daughter thought the orchids were beautifully fresh. They were delivered on the chosen day, after her final chemo-therapy treatment, and cheered her up.
Much appreciated!
Wendy Godfrey


Service rating : good service
able to track delivery of flowers a bonus
Product : looked beautiful, however only lasted 2 days


The service was good but paying an extra fee for delivery on mothers day was annoying


Service rating : This was the second time I used Serenata but on this occasion I left delivery instructions that if recipient not home to leave with a neighbour. I have to say it was pretty pointless leaving delivery instructions, as the box was left in the front garden. Being a very windy day, the box was found blowing around the garden, thankfully the very fragile orchids inside were undamaged. But not impressive considering I gave very specific instructions.
Product : I did not see them but they were for my friend’s birthday and she said they were lovely. But she was upset that they had been left to blow around the garden.


Service rating : I needed to speak to someone at the company to clarify how to get and use an Amazon Local voucher and she was most pleasant and helpful- thank you , Sheila. I ordered the standard free delivery and was a little disappointed as the goods were not delivered until 18.40 . I hadn’t realised that free delivery goods could be delivered as late as this. Maybe I missed that information on the website but maybe it could have been made clearer as I would have been prepared to pay more for an earlier delivery.
Product : My daughter in law was delighted with her birthday orchids and said they were in perfect condition.


Service rating : I would definitely use serenata again I have used them twice in the last few weeks and have been thrilled with the service you provide. I had some proteas from south Africa for my friend they were so delighted with them and I was delighted with the cost. Thank you for brilliant service. Excellent communication too!!! *****
Product : Absolutely thrilled to bits with the orchids very special. Thank you so much! A five star bouquet.

St. Austell

Service rating : The first orchid planter received was poor quality and not as described. After a couple of contacts with Serenata Flower this was quickly rectified and two new orchids were sent of far superior quality.
Product : The initial product was poor in comparison to one I have received previously, but you did correct it, so I have rated this on the basis of the new orchids you sent. Thank you.

Phalaenopsis and Dendrobium Orchids for delivery in UK

With their delicate and exquisite blooms, orchid plants are a beautiful addition to any home or office. Despite their exotic looks, they are easy to look after, as long as you understand the conditions they enjoy. Symbolizing refinement and beauty, orchids delivery by post makes the perfect thank-you or birthday present, and add an air of sophisticated interest to the office or home. Nothing feels better than knowing that your space reflects your personal taste by displaying some stunning orchid plants. Did you know there are actually hundreds of orchid varieties? Botanically known as Orchidaceae, the most popular ones include Phalaenopsis orchids, Dendrobium orchids, Moth Orchids, Cymbidium Orchids, Slipper Orchids, Vanda Orchids and many others. Dendrobium orchids are available in some of the most vibrant colours, including fuchsia pink, electric blue or stunning white. Phalaenopsis orchids are also available in a wide range of colours, most popular ones being white, pink and yellow. Orcids are not just beautiful to look at, they are used for plenty of other purposes, for example they are frequently used as part of perfume, dried seedpods of the Vanilla Orchid are used in cooking and baking, and orchids have been used as herbal remedy in China for centuries. Orchid is the national flower of Venezuela, Colombia and Singapore. There are many orchid clubs and societies around the world, from really small ones like the Sutherland Shire Orchid Society to international ones like the American Orchid Society. There is a difference between florist term of orchid plants and botanical orchids, the second is used to describe tropical and small flower orchids of enormous number of species.

Presented in a beautiful variety of pots, our orchids online are perfect alternatives for flowers. While flowers make for a perfect gift for almost any occasion, there are times when you just want your gift to stay for longer. In contrast to flowers, orchid plants tend to last longer. In fact, your gift will stay with your loved one and remind them of the beautiful moments you shared with them. If you buy orchids, you are giving them a lasting reminder of your generosity and thoughtfulness. In addition to offering an extensive variety of orchids online, our orchid plants are available at unbeatable prices. When you arrange orcids delivery in UK from SerenataFlowers.com, you can also add some special extras like cuddly cute little teddy bears, beautiful vases, luxury pralines and delicious cakes, balloons on a stick, chocolate bars and even wine. With us, you can rest assured that the orchids delivered is just as amazing as it looks in the photos here.

How to care for orchids

Phalaenopsis and also Dendrobium orchids flourish in places that are centrally heated. They flower over a long period and are available in a diverse variety of flower colours. It is easy to care after Orchid plants. How to Water - Over-watering the plants is the most common way to kill them. To avoid over-watering orchids, always lift your pot first in order to check if it feels heavy. If it does, do not water them. Moreover, if your plant is in a transparent pot or vase, check the colour of its roots. If these are green in colour, don't water them. The best time to water orchids plant is when its roots are silvery. Light – Orchid plants grow in conditions where they can receive bright light. However, care needs to be taken as direct light can burn the leaves, causing damage to the plant. Do not remove the damaged leaves if your Phalaenopsis orchid gets arid. Humidity – Since most orchids are tropical plants, these grow well under humid conditions. If your home is centrally heated, spraying your Phalaenopsis orcids with lukewarm water every two to three days can certainly help your plants. Additionally, it is important that you place the pot on a tray of humid gravel.

In addition to the exclusive variety of orchids online (choose from white orchids, yellow orchids, pink orchids, dendrobium orchids and much more), we offer free next-day delivery for all orchids for sale on our website. No matter which part of the UK you live in, whether it's London, Scotland or somewhere in Wales, you can trust us for a timely and prompt delivery. We promise to send orchids by post and get them delivered within 24 hours.

Where to buy orchids

Are you wondering where to buy orchids for sale online? Orchids are precious and delicate plants and you might be wondering how can you order them online and get orchids by post delivered without any damage or risks? The answer is – ordering from SerenataFlowers.com! All of our orchid plants are securely packed in a sturdy cardboard box, secured with a wooden balance stick to keep them in place during their transport. That way we can ensure that they look their best when they arrive in their new home. Send orchids by post with SerenataFlowers.com as the perfect solution if you can't deliver them in person or your friend or relative simply lives too far away. Don't let that stop you from spoiling them on their special day and sending them a lasting gift they will enjoy for years to come. Shop orchids for sale online at SerenataFlowers.com and enjoy free standard orchid delivery anywhere in the UK.

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