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Make someone's special day last way past sunset with bright-coloured petals that continue to glow long after the candles have been blown out. Birthdays come but once a year, so take the opportunity to really spoil someone with flowers.

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I bought these flowers for a friend's birthday. She was very pleased and sent me photos so i could see. The flowers were very pretty. However, i did order the deluxe bouquet and was some was underwhelmed with the size of them, having ordered from this site a number of times and usually going for the standard size I expected them to be slightly bigger for the price. Delivery was excellent however and the driver placed them discreetly out the way leaving a delivery note, as she lives in a large housing estate and was not home. The delivery updates were helpful as well as it was a surprise and i didn't want to ask the recipient if they had arrived.


The flowers ordered for my friends birthday did not turn up on the day selected despite paying extra for delivery. I was not contacted until it was too late. I have used Serenata on numerous occasions and they have always been excellent but this experience left a bad taste so I am not sure if I will use again. On a plus side when they found out about the problem they were very helpful and when I asked for an upgrade and refund it was handled. I cannot confirm that the florist did actually upgrade the bouquet.


The flowers were sent to the wrong depot for delivery but serenata flowers did message me immediately to advise me and took off 15% off the cost which was good. The flowers were for someone birthday and if they had not have been received on the day this would have been a disaster. However they were able to delver later on in the day which was great. So when something did go wrong they acknowledged it promptly, compensated me and did continue to get the product there in time which I was grateful for.


I wanted the flowers to arrive on my daughter in laws birthday and had this confirmed by Serenata but without any explanation they arrived the day after. Very disappointing as I kept asking my son had they arrived. I had to contact Serenata I requested better flowers as an apology but they said same flowers had been sent. Not sure whose fault it was maybe Yodel who delivered them. The flowers were very nice though.


Consistently great service and product - until the last time used. Bouquet for my Mum's birthday substandard and scruffy. Sent photo to Serenata Flowers. Got immediate response - re-send flowers, or money back. What brilliant customer care! Mistakes happen to everyone, and to all businesses. The key is to put things right with everyone satisfied with the outcome. Result - one customer very happy = loyalty! If only the political world and the police could grasp this idea!


It was good to be able to order for a special date, well in advance . Nearer delivery time I received a progress report and delivery made on the day. Unfortunately the birthday girl was out and the flowers were left at the back door. It was only luck that they were found on the same day as there was no notification put through th door.

St. Ives

they were a beautiful arrangement of flowers.My daughter loves flowers and she was over the moon with delight at the wonderful bouquet receivedon her birthday. It was so easy to order from a very large selection of arrangements and colours. I was able to choose the variety of flowers she loves the most.A fantastic present.

Birthday flowers delivered daily in UK

Birthdays are important occasions, they come around only once per year and you only get one chance to impress, especially if it's someone close to your heart. Birthday flowers are possibly the safest option as a gift, especially if you're not sure about the recipient's preferences or you don't know him or her well enough. Only thing you need to know is their address and on what day they will be at home. It doesn't matter if they live in London, Scotland or Wales, arranging a flowers is easy and takes only a few clicks. Thanks to the availability of online florists , like, you can now have gifts, flowers and balloons delivered anywhere in the UK, even on Saturday and Sunday. Send birthday flowers for delivery in UK to her office or workplace or directly to the home - we can deliver tomorrow, next day or even same day. Make sure to specify any details on the recipient address page in the checkout. You can send flowers for delivery up until 10pm for free delivery the next day. Sunday flower delivery is also available (except on days preceding bank holiday Mondays), and our Sunday flower delivery service is now free - order before 5pm on Saturday. In case you were about to forget, same day flowers for someone's birthday is also possible at a small surcharge. If the recipient lives abroad, you can send birthday flowers with our International flower service - charges apply.

UK Birthday flower etiquette and tips

Unlike other occasions, like weddings or funerals, there is really no strict etiquette when it comes to having birthday flowers delivered. However, there are a few things you should probably keep in mind. Firstly, consider your relationship with the recipient. If it's your friend's birthday, and she is not your girlfriend, you should probably avoid a bouquet of red roses, as those are reserved for more romantic intentions. If you want to send birthday bouquet to a man, which is perfectly acceptable and increasingly popular, opt for bold, exotic and simple bouquets and stay away from soft, pastel tones. If you want to surprise your mum on her birthday, she would love soft pastel tones with delicate flowers. Consider the timing too – if you want to make sure your surprise arrives at their door first thing in the morning, pay a little extra for the dedicated flower delivery time. It makes a real difference for someone to start the big day with a bold bouquet brightening the morning. At you can choose from various timed options that will guarantee to reach the recipient in the dedicated time slot and also enjoy free next day delivery from Monday to Sunday. Having birthday flowers delivered in the office has also added benefits – if your intention is to make sure all her colleagues know what a thoughtful boyfriend or a friend they have. Again, consider the timing and make sure the flowers arrive there before the office closes its doors before 6pm. When buying a birthday bouquet in the UK, you don't really need to worry about splashing out – you can get beautiful and well-presented birthday bouquets for just under £20 or £25. Birthday message also makes a difference – make sure you include one that's not just plain simple Happy Birthday, but a little more personal. And don't forget to sign the card! If you don't put your name in the card, the recipient may not find out who the flowers are from.

If you want a little more inspiration for what flowers to get delivered to the recipient, here is a short guide what birthday flowers go with each month. Flowers for birthday in January is carnations, February is Violet, March is Daffodil, April is Sweet Pea, May is Lily of the Valley, June is Rose, July is Larkspur, August is Gladiolus, September is Aster, October is Marigold, November is Chrysanthemum and for December is Poinsettia. If you can't find the particular flower in the online selection , fear not – you can send flowers based on the recipient's star sign too! For Aries it's honeysuckle, for Taurus a bouquet of lilies and roses, for Gemini send exotic flowers or tropical bouquets, for Cancer it's white roses, for Leo is bright sunflowers, for Virgo send Chrysanthemums, Libras would appreciate blue flowers, mixed with large roses and green foliage, Scorpio will fall in love with dark geranium, heather or honeysuckle. For Sagittarius opt for carnations in white or pink colour, for Capricorns will a bouquet with pansies, ivy or knapweed, Aquarius will be happy to receive orchids and finally Pisces will be very pleased with orchids, poppies or lilac. Don't feel obligated to follow any star signs or birth month. You can simply choose a birthday bouquet that you think represents the recipient's personality and taste the best - flowers are always received with joy and gratitude, and there is no way you can ever send the wrong type of flowers for birthdays.

Whether you are sending flowers for a relative's birthday or to a partner or even when you fancy someone anonymously, do it online, have birthday flowers delivered straight to the door and save yourself a lot of time and worry. If you send bright, cheerful and happy coloured birthday bouquet, it will certainly impress the recipient, but take your cues from the style and personality of the person you are sending birthday wishes to. If she prefers stylish white and muted interiors, send her white roses next day - and you can never go wrong. If you wondering what flowers for birthday to send to a woman and do not wish to have the intent and message misconstrued as being of a romantic ulterior motive, stick to yellow colours, and roses are OK too. Whilst in the UK sending someone white serene lilies can be a wonderful gesture, romantic even, do take note that in many countries and cultures white lilies are associated with funerals and death. In many European countries white lilies is a no-no for anything but condolences. Take a look at our online selection of flowers for 18th birthday, 21st birthday, 30th birthday, 40th birthday, 50th birthday, 60th or 70th birthday or simply buy birthday flowers according to your own taste and budget. At you can get flowers for birthdays delivered anywhere in the UK, no matter if you are in London, Manchester, Cardiff or Edinburgh, our service covers all small and big towns with our free next day delivery.

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