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Get more petal for your pound with these cheap flowers by post... they’re thrifty but nifty, tight, not tight-fisted; cheap, but so much more than cheerful. Have flowers delivered anywhere in the UK with free standard flower delivery from Monday to Sunday.

Order by 10pm Monday to Friday for next day delivery and by 6pm on Saturday for Sunday delivery.

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I didn't actually receive the goods but I rate it "good" because I was immediately awarded with a full refund. However the service delivering as promised would have been much better, obviously!

I placed this order a week before the event which was when I needed to get these dozen red roses to a special person for her birthday. I thought a week was more than enough time to prep, package and post out. I had paid extra for a "before noon" delivery...

Searching for florists, I wanted initially a local one and when searching for one in the SW London area via the internet, SerenataFlowers came up. However it turns out the flowers came from Birmingham. It isn't a problem as such unless this distance was the cause of why the flowers didn't turn up before noon on the day in question... If the company claims to use local florists or allow their website to come up in local searches when they're not local, this can be misleading if the service is not seamless or falls down..which it did here.

Another issue was that I asked the recipient to stay in until midday on a very important day of hers. However as the flowers didn't arrive, she had wasted that time and it stressed her out more as she had lost four hours which she needed in preparation for the evening.

A delivery service for relaxing, calming products such as flowers should do the total opposite affect than to cause stress on both the recipient and person who ordered them. Reason I used this service was because I couldn't physically be there, as is why most people arrange flower deliveries.... So for a company which claims to do just that (alleviates that burden of not being there for that special person) but doesn't actually deliver, defeats the point of providing this service in the first place..


Service rating : I had problems getting through to the payment stage - if I remember right: There were no ’continue’ icons. But the message I sent was swiftly dealt with and the order could soon be completed.
Product : I am just puzzled that you don’t add a card or some information that the flowers come from Serenata. The cards you offer are not only too expensive for what they are, they are definitely not my choice of design. I usually send a separate card in the post, therefore there is no need for a personal note. But I had not heard from a previous receiver of my flower delivery because he had no idea where they came from. Marie-Luise


Service rating : This is the first time I have used this company. I liked the website. There was a vast range of products for all occasions. Purchasing pocess was easy with good explanations, and once this had been done, their post purchase customers service was second to none. There were regular updates by text and email, especially on the day of delivery. They got the frequency just right. The flowers were lovely and much appreciated by my wife (they were a suprise). I will use this company again and recommend them to others
Product : Good quality flowers, just as they said on their website


Service rating : Dreadful bouquet sent in the 1st instance. But, after a lot of searching, i persevered and, managed to get another bouquet sent. They ask for photographs before they will act but, this is not always possible with old / infirm people or post op patients. However, once I did make contact with them they were true to their word, apologised and sent another bouquet.
Product : 1st bouquet very poor. Roses drooped on day 2. Stocks looked manky. 2nd bouquet was a whole different ball game.


Service rating : You were let down by your courier who failed to deliver on the correct day as he could not find the property. No excuse for this as googling the post code clearly shows the correct location. When he did deliver he was not friendly and did not ring loudly as requested. Had this been my first order with you it would probably have been my last.
Product : As described, well packed and in good condition inspite of remaining with the courier for an extra 24hours in frosty conditions.


Service rating : Service is good on time and informative with text etc just poor flowers delivered
Product : Been trying to send an email as requested by you of a picture of the roses you sent, they are nothing like the large roses on your web picture , can you send me an email I can send the photo to I have need using the admin one but it keeps failing , many thanks or an address I will post you a picture the buds have not opened been asking the person I sent them to I have seen bunches the same for fine pounds in supermarkets ....
Susan sherry


I was anxious on the day the flowers were suppose to arrive which was Saturday as I received no email till the end of the night. I was very happy however when I found out the flowers were to arrive the next day on a SUNDAY and I didn't have to say or do anything. Remember this though, if you were to skip Sunday and post it on Monday then I would have been furious. So thank you for not letting that happen and I would recon mend to a friend to buy from you.

Flowers by Post

Send cheap flowers by post with Serenata Flowers from £14.99 and FREE delivery seven days a week. Choose from fragrant lilies, roses, orchids, carnations, freesias and other beautiful flowers and plants. Cheap flower delivery doesn't mean you have to compromise on the quality. We offer fresh quality flowers and award winning service for a price that's hard to beat. All of our flowers by post come with free greeting card, care instructions and tracking information.

Crafted by our florists and delivered with care. Our inexpensive flowers fit any budget and impress any recipient. Order by 10.00 pm weekdays to have cheap flowers delivered next day nationwide in the UK. Order by 6pm on Saturday for Sunday delivery. Order by 7pm on Sunday for Monday delivery. Timed delivery is available for a small charge for delivery before 10 am, before noon and afternoon delivery.

Cheap Flowers under £20

Order your flowers online by 10pm for next week-day delivery. A small selection of some of our cheapest bestselling flowers:

The prices stated above are subject to change.

To send flowers by post, pick a bouquet from this page. Choose size, delivery date and any flower gifts you may want to add. Provide your details so we can inform you about dispatch and delivery of your flowers. Enter recipient's name with postcode and choose correct address from dropdown. Pay for your order using a variety of payment options. After we've received your order, we will send you order confirmation email. You will receive a tracking code that enables you to check the whereabouts of your flowers at all times.

With the aim to provide the best possible service to our customers, all of our flowers come with free delivery. On top of great value flowers we also offer regular sales and discounts. Check your email or social media for our weekly flash sale on Thursday with an extra 15% off bestselling flowers. Send flowers by post and turn an ordinary day into a special surprise for someone you care about. Choose from a wide range of next day postal flowers and enjoy a bargain with a five star service.

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