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Send someone an exotic arrangement of Dendrobium or Mokara Orchids and transform their home or office into a lush paradise with bright cheerful blooms.Free delivery anywhere in the UK from Monday to Sunday.

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Here’s what the recipient said “My lovely orchids still look beautiful two weeks after I received them.”The cost was reasonable and service excellent again. Thank you.


The Orchids arrived very quickly, were in excellent condition, still look beautiful and were a really good price (special offer.) I would definitely use SerenataFlowers again.


Ordered orchids looked beautiful. Arrived on time.


I ordered some orchids for my mother-in-law 80th birthday,they were beautiful. They were delivered when I needed them and I was also e-mailed when they had arrived. The only thing was they never came with any after care instructions,don't know whether this was an over site,but overall really impressed with all stages of Serenata Flowers.


The orchids are superb even after two weeks. I am absolutely delightedly as is the recipient. Many thanks


Beautiful orchids, intense colour and the last flower fell over 6 weeks later . Very much admired.


Great service!!!Beautiful flowers! (orchids) arrived on time with the vase & ballon that I ordered.My Auntie was delighted.I live NZ so It's SO good to know I can always trust you guys to deliver exactly what I've ordered, fresh & on time!Many thanks.Ally. New Zealand

Stunning Orchid Bouquets

Orchids are one of the most popular house plants, but did you know that they are also widely used as cut flowers? Some of our bestselling flower arrangements feature Dendrobium orchids in vibrant pink and galaxy blue colours, with striking blooms and exotic appearance there is no surprise that these tropical flowers are a hit among our customers. Orchid bouquets are a perfect alternative to traditional floral arrangements, if you're looking for something more unusual and striking to make a grand impression. Our new collection of Dendrobium and Mokara orchids in a variety of colours and sizes will give you plenty of options to spoil your loved ones with tropical blooms for very reasonable prices. As delicate as they may be, all of our orchid flowers and bouquets are packed securely in a sturdy delivery boxes, to make sure they arrive safely and unharmed at any address in the UK. Get inspired and upgrade your birthday or congratulations gift to one of these stunning orchid bouquets to surprise the recipient with a blooming delivery straight to their door. At SerenataFlowers.com we are offering free next day delivery from Monday to Sunday on the whole range of flowers, plants and gifts.

Introducing cut Dendrobium Orchids

You've probably already seen our Bali Hai and Blue Dendrobium bouquet which have proved to be some of our all time bestsellers. The newest member of the Dendrobium family is the stunning white Dendrobium orchid bouquet, elegant, sophisticated and certainly as impressive as it's other colleagues. Dendrobium orchids, also known as Novice Dendrobium, produce small flowers in vibrant colours and can last for weeks with good care. How do you take care of your cut Dendrobium orchids? Start with a clean vase, make sure it's washed properly to remove any bacteria from building up from previous uses. Fill the vase with room temperature water half way, add the plant food at this point. Take your Dendrobium orchids and cut them at 45 degree angle while holding them under running water or in filled sink. The length depends on the vase or container used. Save some of the length of the flower because you will need to cut it again to extend it's lifespan. Once cut, place the Dendrobium orchids in a vase and arrange according to your wishes. Keep an eye on the vase and check that no foliage or flowers are below the water level. Keep the vase with orchids away from drafts or too cool spots, ideally near a window with a lot of light. To extend their life, you can repeat the process every 2-3 days by pouring out the old water, rinsing vase, refilling the water and adding flower food. If you're out of the plant food, you can also use a teaspoon of sugar and two drops of house bleach, which will help to prevent the bacteria from building up. Enjoy the blooms and don't forget to show them off.

Introducing cut Mokara Orchids

Mokara orchids have developed as a hybrid of Ascocentrum, Arachnis and Vanda orchids and the first plants were grown in Singapore. Unlike some other types of orchids, Mokara orchids are actually pretty easy to grow once you master some basic care and will reward you with ongoing exotic blooms. If you're buying cut Mokara orchids, they make a wonderful and impressive gift for any occasion, but you can also grow them at home in a pot. You will have to grow them indoors and best on a east facing window so that they get sunlight straight from the morning.They can grow quite heavy on the top and very tall, you will need to secure them to make sure the stems dont break. Mokara orchids are best watered in the morning, with water at room temperature. Never let Mokara orchids stand in water, it can damage the roots of the plant. If you're lucky enough to get Mokara orchids as a bouquet of cut flowers, the care is much more simple. Carefully unwrap the orchids from the packaging, making sure you don't break any of the flowers. Cut few centimeters off the stems in a 45 degree angle. Place the orchids in a clean vase with water at room temperature. Proudly display in your home or office.They are an instant mood lifter and make you feel like you're still on your summer holiday.

To get any of our orchid flowers delivered anywhere in the UK, simply pick orchid flowers of your preferred type and color and add to the basket. You will then be asked to provide your details and recipient details. We have a large selection of vases in various sizes and colours so you can make your floral gift even more impressive by upgrading to a delivery of orchid flowers in a vase. Surprise someone with orchid flowers delivery already tomorrow, all you need to remember is that we need to receive your order before 10.00 pm tonight so we have enough time to arrange the delivery for next day. You can shop our orchid flowers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, the cut off time only applies if you need the orchids delivered the next day. We are offering free next day delivery on all of our orchid flowers and plants, and that includes free next day delivery also on Saturday and Sunday. If you prefer a longer lasting gift, you can pick from our range of Phalaenopsis orchid plants in pots, Dendrobium orchid plants or shop by colour from pink, white or yellow orchids. In either case, you can rest assured that you are getting the best quality orchid flowers at unbeatable prices.

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