Ah, roses! The ultimate romantic gesture. So who better than the French for elucidation on the matter? Gallant Gallics proclaim it’s white roses for love, red for passion, yellow for friendship and pink for beauty. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

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The service received has been inconsistent but it has been good overall. The first time I received flowers they were absolutely beautiful and the lilies flowered and lasted over two weeks. The second bunch I ordered as a gift for my mum's birthday, they came with roses browning at the edges, and three lilies which had had their pollen stems cut off! I did get in touch with customer services and they assured me that the bouquets go through 5 quality checks (which I found very surprising, especially considering no-one noticed the cut stems on all three lilies in the bunch) but they were very understanding as we had a family emergency which meant my mum wasn't around to 'enjoy' the bunch anyway, so they kindly rearranged delivery. This bunch arrived on time and with lots of lilies, some unopened which was lovely but there was a lot of greenery and not much by way of flowers and some fresia looked old and again some roses were browning, so the bunch did not last longer than a week, sadly.


I liked the green & white combination but I do not really think it's good to abandon the seasonal flowers..must we have chrysanthemums in the spring when there are so many other flowers in massive availability? . Why must these old ' reliables' dominate the market so? And how long before the English roses with their beautiful soft shades and shapes, start appearing in mass-produced bouquets instead of the hard colours bred in the 1950s? Don't mind me, I am delighted really to be able to send a lovely fresh bouquet to a grieving and much-loved widow.


On past experience, I would rate as excellent, but on this occaission I was very disappointed. I ordered a rose basket at 9.30 and paid for same day delivery but was emailed at 14.35 to the effect that the florist Serenta had contacted had no roses so could source a special Jasmine plant for the next day. A different plant would have been acceptable but why would I have paid extra for same day delivery if the next day was acceptable?


The product was fine but it was not the bouquet I ordered, the wrong one was sent, also the roses were good but the other flowers died very quickly. Slightly disappointing as this was a gift for my Mum who has not been well. I ordered Scented Pleasure but this was not the bouquet that was delivered.


The flowers were delivered the following day, even though I ordered them in the evening. The recipient said that the perfume of the freesias was wonderful and that people were going in to her room specially to look at them. She was delighted with the roses in the bunch too. Serenata kept me up-to-date with what was happening all the time.


Poor customer service, I paid for next day delivery before noon (on Saturday). The flowers did not arrive until the day after (Sunday). I tried to ask for my fee back for the delivery charge and I was refused. The flowers upon arrival were nice, however the roses did show browning around the edge of the flowers as they were already on their way out.


I've never used you before but had to send flowers to a dear friend in hurry. I'm really happy with the cost, for a dozen red roses and the speed of delivery (the next-day service brilliant). Perhaps the only thing was leaving the flowers on the doorstep. My friend had come out of hospital and was discharged that afternoon, so I'm glad her flowers were still there and intact when she got home.

Roses - all you need to know

Roses has inspired painters, poets and gardeners for as long as many can remember. This popular specie of plant is a symbol of peace, beauty and nature's bounty. Whether used as an embellished hairpiece, in a vibrant bouquet, the border to a landscaped garden or as a centrepiece at a dinner party - it has many uses. Throughout history, these stunning flowers have changed dramatically. According to research, the genus Rosa boasts an incredible 150 species. These can be found in various places across the globe, including Mexico, Alaska, China, Northern Africa and the Northern Hemisphere. It wasn't until 5,000 years ago that the rose became a popular garden plant, setting its roots in some of the most renowned gardens in China.

The Species Roses

Said to be an astounding 35 million years old, species roses, which also go by the name of nature's roses (solely because they're the source of all other rose varieties) are simple in appearance and often feature just the one row of petals. Species Roses come in many shapes and forms, some of the more prevalent types being the Apothecary's Rose and the Romans favourite, the Autumn Damask Rose.

Old Garden Roses - This specie boasts an enviable diversity of delicate fragrance and colour. It's the result of nature's own matchmaking and man's early attempts to cross one single type with another. Old Garden Roses include species such as Harrison's Yellow, the Red Rose and the York and Lancaster Rose. 'Harrison's Yellow' is the famous pioneer flower that grows along the old pioneer trails from east to west America. The true Red Rose, which came about in the 1800's, was the result of combining both Chinese and European roses. From this pairing came the first true red. The York and Lancaster Rose was originally discovered in the 16th-century and are associated by legend to England's War of the Roses, where the two colours represented the heraldic badges of the royal houses of Lancaster (red) and York (white).

Modern Roses - The contemporary one is the end result of roses bred by professionals and connoisseurs wishing to create a new variety. Modern ones already in existence include shrubs, floribundas, miniatures, grandifloras and hybrid teas. The first modern was introduced in 1867, goes by the name 'La France'. However, the most prevalent modern rose of London was the Madam Abel Chatenay. Another popular variant is the 'Peace Rose' – symbolic of the end of World War II.

Climbing Roses - One of the most vibrant additions to the garden is the climbing variety. This particular specie can be trained to climb almost anything, including garden walls, trellises and fences. With so many hues available, it's important to choose a colour that fits into your existing garden. A great tip to take into consideration is to choose a wall, trellis or fence that is tall enough. Climbing roses can climb some distance, and asides from height, they also need a strong structure to support them.

Tricks to Extend the Life of Your Roses indoors

If you're displaying roses in your home or office, you can expect them to last a week or more - providing you take care of them in the correct manner. To do this, there are a number of tips and tricks you can follow: One tip includes always cutting the stems at an angle under running water. To do this correctly, you should use a sharp, non-serrated knife. This technique allows the flowers to absorb as much water as possible. If you can, re-cut the flowers every other day. Instead of placing the stems in cold water, fill a vase with warm water. The best temperature for roses is 94 degrees Fahrenheit. For best results, change the water every day. Another tip involves avoiding placing stems with leaves or thorns under the waterline of the vase, as this can cause bacteria to grow, which can ultimately cause them to die.

Roses in your garden

When it comes to creating a successful rose garden, it's important to consider a few factors. Some of these factors include knowing where to place the shrubs, as roses enjoy an area that allows them between six and eight hours of sunlight per day. You'll also need to pick a spot that boasts a well-drained soil that is rich in organic elements. If your soil has a fair bit of sand or clay in it, it's wise to add a little organic matter prior to planting roses – this can be in the shape of good quality compost. The next step requires you to add mulch. This is in fact the best thing you can do to ensure healthy, wholesome roses. Why? Because it allows the soil to stay both moist and cool for longer, which means you won't have to water your roses as often. This is particularly beneficial in warmer climates. Additionally, it prevents weeds from growing in the soil, which can steal other plant's nutrients and strangle their roots. Mulch is a combination of organic matter, including rotted manure, grass clippings, shredded leaves and bark. All of these elements get to work by breaking down and feeding the soil. For best results, scatter mulch after planting the roses and ensure the seeds are planted between one and three inches deep.

When watering your roses, you should do so daily. You should give them a good amount of water without going overboard and a recommended, well-balanced fertiliser should be used at least twice a year. The majority of rose species enjoy an inch of water each week – especially throughout their growing season. If the soil you are using is particularly sandy, you may find your roses require a little more water. This is why it's best to use clay soil. If you can, use a 'soaker hose' to water your new plants as this is proven to help prevent disease. It's advisable not to use a sprinkler as this will leave a light coating of moisture on the foliage, which can lead to fungal diseases, especially if you choose to turn your sprinkler on in the evening. During warm days, some of this water will evaporate before it has even reached the flowers. If you have any great watering habits for your roses, we'd love to hear about them.

Cheap Roses Delivered anywhere in the UK

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