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The best reason to give roses is no reason at all. That is right. “Just because” is the perfect occasion, and yellow roses are the ideal “just because” flower. The yellow rose can symbolize friendship, thanks, joy, loyalty, and much more, so it is just right for any occasion. There is nothing quite as simple, classic, or elegant as yellow roses.

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Service rating : This is the fourth time I have used Serenata and on each occasion, the flowers have been delivered as promised and I am impressed with the way I am kept informed.
Product : On this most recent occasion the person who the flowers were sent to rang to tell me how much she loved them. She went into great detail of how beautiful they were and indeed described each and every one of them - she was so delighted in particular with the yellow roses which she said "were absolutely gorgeous"! I would certainly reccomend Serenata for both service and flowers.

Newcastle upon Tyne

Service rating : Ordering was relatively easy and delivery on time
Product : I have used Serenata many times in the past and never been disappointed regarding delivery or quality, but I will be trying another service next time - perhaps M&S - as I happened to see the flowers this time (I normally don’t) and was dismayed to find the main feature of the bouquet - x4 yellow roses were very poor and x3 already drooping and browning only 3 days later. I also couldn’t see where the extra money I had paid to ’upgrade’ the bouquet had gone.


Service rating : Service was good and emails very informative.
Product : The flowers my wife recieved were nice although the yellow roses were a little brown on the outer petals. She followed all instructions on how to prepare the flowers after delivery and how to feed them but by the second day of reciept, all the flowwers started to wilt and look very tired indeed. I will not be using your service again, very disappointing.


Service rating : Easy service to use, good price and kept informed about the progress of the order.
Product : I did not see the flowers but the recipient said that they were really nice. One of the flowers were purple instead of cream as they were in the picture but that was okay as they still went well with the yellow roses.


I was disappointed to hear that although I ordered yellow roses (for a golden wedding anniversary) red roses were delivered, however there were 18 roses rather than 12 that I ordered, so that compensated for it and the recipient was delighted with them.


Serenata made the process of ordering on line easy and the yellow roses and chocolates that I ordered were magnificent. There is no reason to order anywhere else but at Serenata’s. I just have one request, please name any beautiful flower Lydia :)


Good quality. Easy website. However, the previous bouquet sent to me on mothers day were quite bad. At least a third of the yellow roses were bruised and brown. This is unusual, as the many flowers sent to me in the past have been exquisite! Many thanks

Yellow Roses - History and Meaning

Yellow roses come in many shapes and sizes, and they are the perfect flowers to celebrate friendship. Send a message full of joy and a yellow rose gift to your best friend on his or her birthday. Their sunny and happy appearance will light up the room and faces of those who receive them. They are great flowers to give someone recovering in hospital or feeling a bit down. You can also send them as a thank you gift to your friends of family. Their meaning makes them an all-round flower gift and you can't go wrong by presenting them even to a love interest. Yellow roses tend to be cheaper than red roses and thanks to their cheerful nature, they are perfect flowers for all sort of celebrations. Be it a new job, new home or even a new baby. Due to their joyous nature, you should not send these as sympathy. When it comes to the history of yellow roses, they are only a recent addition. Until the 18th century, most florists only knew pink and white roses. Yellow rose was first discovered growing in wild in Middle East. Europe fell in love with them and they became a part of display in every flower shop. The first roses did not have the rose scent known to many people. Over the years, their cultivation has focused on developing and refining their signature scent. They are also a very popular gift as a flowering plant. Long lasting and beautifully presented, a yellow rose plant is a wonderful gift alternative to fresh cut flowers.

Are you wondering what is the meaning of yellow flowers in general? They symbolise happiness. Because of the bright and bold colour, they are perfect to send as a celebration of joy in life or friendship. Joy is one of the main meanings of yellow flowers as that's what the colour evokes. That can be translated into a joy over new baby news, new job or a friend who recovered from illness. If there is a joyful occasion in life to celebrate, think yellow flowers. But what about roses? What is the meaning of a rose? Rose was associated with a number of symbols and has a long and rich ancient history. Roses can have paradoxical meaning and every shade of rose has a different one. In general, roses symbolise passion, perfection, virginity and fertility, death and life. Roses are among the flowers with the most versatile meanings. If you choose yellow roses, you can't go wrong. Yellow is the general symbol of happiness and joy. These flowers will be joyfully accepted no matter what the occasion or recipient is. With the exception of sympathy or funerals of course.

Yellow roses delivered FREE in the UK

Are you looking for yellow roses at a great price with quality assurance? Be sure arrange a next day gift delivery with We have a wide range of rose bouquets, in all the popular shades, including yellow. It doesn't matter what size is needed. We have single yellow rose, dozen roses and even impressive luxury roses. We believe that next day flower delivery should be affordable to anyone. Even someone with limited budget can brighten up the day of loved ones with fresh flowers and flowering plant gifts delivered to the door.

One of the biggest problems most online and local flower shops face is the of freshness of roses. Most companies have tons of roses for next day delivery stored in warehouses. All of our roses are delivered almost daily. Even if you order flowers to be delivered for the weekend, you're getting only the freshest blooms available at the best possible price. The yellow rose bouquets and yellow flowers are sent out by our carefully chosen couriers. They take great care in delivering our flowers in a careful and timely manner. You don't need to worry about the flowers getting damaged during deliveries. Our roses are safely packed and secured for their journey to the recipient. If you need roses delivered in the UK, you can shop from this page any day of the week. We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Only limitation you need to keep in mind is the cut off for next day delivery. Place the order by 10.00 pm weekdays, and a bit earlier for weekend and Monday deliveries. All of our orders receive a complimentary greeting card and notifications about delivery. You can always edit or change your order details when you log into your account on our website. brings you the most efficient, comfortable and affordable way of sending flowers and yellow roses in the UK.

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