Tropical and Exotic Flowers

Are you searching for a distinctive bouquet, something out of the ordinary or a reminder of that fabulous holiday that you've just come back from? The striking blooms and lush foliage in these tropical arrangements capture the imagination with their distinctive flair and incredible architectural prowess. The tropical paradise you've been dreaming of need never be out of reach.

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Service rating : Unfortunatly the original order was lost in transit and a second bouquet was sent in its place. THey were very good in making sure a delivery was sent on time, it was just unfortunate it didn’t match the original description. They were good with correspondence by email but I would have like to speak to someone in person. After all the problems I was still happy with the serivce I got and was appreciative of the 50% credit I received for having sent the wrong flowers. I would use them again.
Product : The bouquet was average but nothing spectacular, but I think my disspaointment was more to do with the fact that the original order I placed was for a rather exotic tropical bouquet and the one delivered was nothing of the sort. I realize that errors occur and was pleased with the way they handled the situation.


Service rating : I have a passion for tropical flowers and i have always found it difficult to find them to send so, thank you Serenata for making that possible i will use the Company again.The text message and email service regarding delivery is an excellent idea and very helpful.
Product : I ordered the flowers for friend to cheeer her up!.Unfortunately as she lives in Scotland and i am in London so i have not been able to see them but she assures me that they were beautiful.


Service rating : Excellent website, great value flowers, fast delivery, it was really good to get e-mails updating me about where they were and that they had been delivered brilliant service all round and will use again in the near future. Thank you.
Product : The Mother-in-law loved this flower arrangement. She said it was unusual and very tropical and all she needed was the weather to go with there sunnyness a very happy lady. Thank you.


Service rating : So easy to order, just the day before and the flowers that I wanted. Loved it that I was kept up to date and knew when the flowers had been delivered.
Product : No one else had these kind of flowers. Contemporary and tropical and they will last. Fantastic value for money. Will definitely use you again.


Service rating : a very good service, although rather disappointed that an order had been accepted and yet the tropical flowers weren’t available. Ordering from overseas with a time difference meant I couldn’t reorder in time to meet my preferred delivery date
Product : everyone has always said the flowers were lovely


Service rating : Good easy transaction, good communication.
Product : Recipient of the flowers was delighted with them. She described them to me with such enthusiasm. They really brightened her day and her husband took photos of them and sent to me. They were so amazingly bright and tropical. Many, many thanks. I will definitely use Serena flowers again.


Service rating : Valentines Day must be a very busy day for this company but the flowers still arrived in time! Great service!
Product : My husband loves tropical flowers.... he was over the moon about this lovely bouquet! Very successful surprise! And it arrived exactly in time on Valentines Day.

Tropical flowers and exotic flowers - care guide

The care of tropical and exotic flowers really depends on the type of plant or flower you have. If you're not sure about the name, you can search for images of tropical plants or images of exotic flowers online and find one that matches your flower. Once you know the name, it will be easier to search for the correct care guide. If you prefer to give a tropical flower bouquet, many florists near you can offer a variety of options including delivery. Alternatively, you can buy tropical flowers online at and enjoy the convenience – place your order online in just three simple steps and arrange a delivery anywhere in the UK, next day, free of charge. Send some of the most unusual flowers around to your loved ones to brighten up their day or cheer them up after they've returned from a holiday. No need to look for a local flower shop or florist who might not stock the exotic plants you're after, if you order online you can browse a lot bigger inventory and send these beautiful plants and flowers by post or courier anywhere in the UK.

Names of most popular tropical flowers

Tropical flowers are a thing of a beauty and thanks their exquisite appearance and limited availability, they are a sought after flower gift. If you go to any florist in town, you will probably see some orchids, Rhizomes, Gingers or even Heliconas on display, but these are not the only tropical flowers you have to limit yourself to. Any introduction to the world of tropical flowers isn't complete without mentioning the giant – Titan Arum (Amorphophallus Titanum), the largest flower in the world which flower size varies from 7 to 12 feet in height. If you're wondering about some other most popular tropical flowers, here is the complete list, in alphabetical order: African Moon, white daisy like flowers originating from Namibia, African tulips, which look nothing like traditional tulips and come with orange flowers and glossy green leaves, Alpine Aster popular as cut flower, Alpinia used as container plants, Amazon lilies which make wonderful potted plants, Angel Wing Begonia another bright popular exotic flower, Begonia Fair Lady and Begonia Non Stop Red, Bitter Gourd with bright yellow colour and edible fruit, Blanket flower with bright yellow petals, Bleeding Heartwine with white calyxes and red flowers, Blood Lily with spectacular flower head containing up to 100 flowers, Blue Dawn Flower, Blue Jacaranda with clusters of beautiful blue flowers, Caladium also known as elephant ear, blue passion flower, Bottle Brush producing small woody fruit, Calatheas popular house plant know as Prayer plant or Zebra plant, Catasetum, Cattleya Orchids, Cautleyas – Himalayan bright yellow flowers, miniature Constantia flowers, pink Cosmos Flowers, Cryptopodium flowers, Day Lily Frans Hals, Decorative Dahlia, Encyclia, Etlingera, Flame of the Forest, Frangipani, Golden Shower (Cassia), Grass of the Dew, Heliconia, Hibiscus, Koutruk Lei, Laelia, Lotus, Maxelaria, Morning Glory, Musas, Sampaguita, Sophornitella, Sophronitis and many others. There is no real definition what can you call a tropical flower, but generally we understand that these are flowers that usually thrive in tropical climates. Because of the geographic limitations of where they thrive, they are known as exotic flowers in other continents like Europe. Are you getting confused by the terms? Tropical flowers are considered exotic flowers in places where they don't naturally grow. On the other hand, not all exotic flowers are tropical flowers, some types of exotic flowers grow even in artic conditions and these cannot be referred to as tropical flowers anymore. The geographical locations where tropical flower grow include for example the Tropic of Cancer in north and the Tropic of Capricorn in the south. Other tropical regions include Amazon in Brazil, Congo river in West Africa.

Where to buy Tropical Flowers in the UK

It's time to help that someone special in your life map out that journey they've been planning. You can help them find the inspiration they need by presenting them with our colourful Outback Adventure bouquet. The oddball appeal of this strange exotic flowers concoction of clay-red roses and dusty eucalyptus is sure to put a smile on the adventurer's face. Did you know that the different colours of flowers symbolise a unique emotion? Well, now you do. All you have to do is take a look at our wide collection of fresh tropical flowers to find out the flowers that fits the personality of the person who is going to receive it. Whether you want to impress that special someone in your life, or you just want a way to say "thank-you" to your colleague or boss, you can impress them with our wide variety of fresh flowers. We have a diverse range of exotic flowers that can be used for every occasion. Unlike other online florists, we are offering free delivery by post on all of our flowers 7 days a week and you can place your order as late as 10pm for free next day delivery. That's just few perks of shopping with Shop around and you'll discover that we have one of the best value flowers out there. We take the utmost care and pay attention to every single arrangement we send out and notify you by sms about dispatch and also delivery. Our online shop is open nonstop and with late cut off times, you have plenty of time to think about what flowers or tropical flowers will be the best match for your recipient. We offer our customers unmatched quality when it comes to delivery of next day tropical flowers. Our tropical flower designs and a variety of flowers are great for almost any special occasion, from weddings to anniversaries. We can deliver our premium tropical flowers to your doorstep is just what you need to say "thank-you" "I'm sorry" and even "I love you". Flowers have always been a symbol of love and affection. According to a long tradition, it is always the man who gives the woman flowers to express his interest in her. Today, we deliver the gift of flowers both to men and women, and its role has surpassed that of being used to express romantic love. Why stick to the traditional flowers when there's plenty more exotic flowers to choose from?

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