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An eastern fantasy of turban-shaped petals in bold primaries and delicate pastels: purple for royalty, red for love, pink for imagination and orange for luck. Expressing the full spectrum of goodwill, tulips continue to inspire desire hundreds of years after the worldwide mania that saw them change hands for £400 a bulb.

Please note this is a seasonal product and will not be available all year.

30 Purple Tulips with Vase
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Service rating : Ordering was no problem, good service and kept well informed however...
I sent an email to Serenata on Wednesday last, telling them that the tulips delivered on the Monday last were not the freshest as some had had to been thrown away on that day, Wednesday. I would have thought they should have lasted a lot longer. And re the email I sent to them on Wednesday last, I have had heard nothing back as yet from Serenata Flowers.
Product : Flowers when they were delivered, I was telephoned by recipient to tell me that sadly they were not the freshest of flowers. So, disappointing on that front.


Service rating : Timely delivery and regular updates by email.
Product : I’ve seen the tulips the same day they got delivered... They were already way too opened, like tulips you’ve bought over a week ago. The ones I got from the coop, twice as big, BUT 5 times cheaper look so much nicer. A week later and they’re still not as opened as the ones you delivered for 30£! Very disappointed and therefore won’t use this website again.


Service rating : Excellent easy to use online purchase - I am in India and wanted delivery of flowers to England - free delivery and very fresh flowers thank you
Product : The purple tulips in gift bag were in beautiful condition and are lasting well, my friend was very very pleased to receive them.


Service rating : Good at keeping informed about progress of order. I found website not clear about what was included in order.
Product : Yellow tulips lovely, but I was expecting that a vase would be included with order and was disappointed that this wasn’t the case


Service rating : Kept me informed of order
Product : The recipient sent a photo of the very poor looking small bunch of tulips that I could have bought in Tesco for less than £5.00. What a disappointment, will never use Serentata again.


Service rating : Easy to order. Excellent email updates. Will certainly order with Serenata again.
Product : My Mum was delighted with the quality and quantity if double headed orange tulips. Saw a photo of them, impressive.


Service rating : Quick service.
Product : The tulips were drooping and three had broken stems on arrival. I am quite disappointed as they were obviously a surprise gift for my daughter in London as I live in Leeds.

Tulips flowers delivery Monday to Sunday in UK

Did you know tulips flowers actually belong to the lily family? There are currently around 75 species of tulips in the world. They originally come from Turkey and Persia, where the name also derives from. The name of the flower comes from Turkish word for gaze, because of its turban like appearance. Tulips were brought to Europe in 16th century and by 17th century they gained such popularity, that the prices of the bulbs especially in Netherlands sky-rocketed, causing markets crash and launching the Tulip Mania. Tulips flowers are spring-blooming flowers and normally tulip would produce only one flower per stem, but there are some species which can produce more than one. No one can blame you for falling in love with these flowers, they appeal is in their simplicity and impressive appearance. Unlike roses, they are reasonably priced, so they make a great alternative to traditional rose bouquets. Tulips flowers can be easily grown in your garden, all you need to get is just tulip bulbs and follow few basic recommendations. They are also extremely popular as cut flowers and lately they have become a more frequent addition to weddings – featuring in bridal bouquets or in wedding decorations.

If tulips flowers are exactly what you're looking for, we've got great news for you. You can now get tulips delivered anywhere in the UK with free next day delivery from SerenataFlowers.com. Not to mention, we have a team of highly skilled florists that will transform any tulip flowers into beautiful tulips flowers bouquet. Choose from our most popular colours – orange tulips, purple tulips, white tulips, yellow tulips or red tulips. Are you wondering if they are the right choice for your recipient? Just as roses or other flowers, tulips flowers have also certain meaning associated with them.

Tulips Flowers Meaning

Tulips are the flowers traditionally give for 11th wedding anniversary. Wonder why? They say that the dark center of tulips flowers represents the lover's heart, surrounded by burning passion (the red leaves), pretty romantic, don't you think? The main meaning of tulips flowers is perfect love. Red like with other flowers, is mostly associated with love, so give red ones for Valentine's Day as an original gift. White symbolizes message of forgiveness, purple tulips symbolise royalty, yellow can be sent as a cheer up gifts as they symbolise cheerfulness and sunshine. Don't feel restrained by the traditional meaning of flowers, you send tulips by post to anyone. Flowers can be one of the easiest way to cheer someone up and what a better way to do it, than by having fresh flowers delivered straight to their door.

Leave it to our florists to create a stunning arrangement from tulips flowers online and arrange a next day delivery on time to your recipient. Whether you're sending purple tulips or Mother's Day tulips, we will take a good care of them from packaging all the way until delivery. So, whenever you need some tulips delivery for any gift you will give — be it Valentine's Day, birthdays, or any other occasion - we have the best tulips delivery uk you can find anywhere in the market. Order your flowers online by 10pm and we will get them delivered next day, send tulips by post or courier, without any delivery charges. Our online florist shop is open all week and we are taking orders even in the middle of the night. Arrange tulips delivery anywhere in the UK with few clicks, it's that easy!

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