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Baby, it's cold outside... but it sure is beautiful. Fortunately, we've picked the finest, freshest, frost-kissed hues for you to enjoy without having to endure the chill.

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Ordered flowers for an area quite remote outside Inverness. The flowers arrived in time, despite the harsh winter weather and were absolutely beautiful. I will definitely use this company again.


Delivery was a day late (other reviewers had said this so I was prepared) but, to the courier's credit they delivered despite appalling winter weather!


They have supplied good quality flowers in winter and summer and delivered them within a day of ordering, even to a rural area.


The email customer service was quirky, fun and enjoyable to read. My sister was delighted with her winter warmer bouquet. Will use again!


Service rating : Good website - fast delivery - good communication.Product : Little sparse in quantity. Although it is winter.


Service rating : Flowers arrived well packaged. They didn’t arrive until nearly 20:00 which was a little later than I would have liked - but I didn’t book a specific time slot so I guess that’s a chance you take when utilising the free delivery option.Product : The flowers were nice but for £30 I would have liked a few larger blooms included. The winter theme bouquet was lovely and just what I was looking for aside from the that.


Service rating : Purchasing process was quick, easy and sufficentProduct : A very pretty Winter Looking bunch of flowers

Winter flowers and winter plants online

Autumn is almost over and you're wondering how to cheer up your home during winter? With winter flowers of course! If you're not a keen gardener, we have a very convenient shortcut for you – simply order some of our winter flowers online and bring the winter chills home without enduring the temperatures outside. At, you can choose from some of the freshest and most beautiful winter flowers available both in budget options and more luxurious version. Send them as a small thank you gift, birthday gift or simply to cheer someone up during long winter days. Select from our wide variety of blooms in all price categories and enjoy a free standard next day delivery from Monday to Sunday.

10 weirdest winter flowers

Winter weather is foul; it pushes us indoors and causes our garden to look lifeless and dull. However, there are several plants that are known for flourishing during the cold winter months. These weird winter flowers are not only surviving during the cold, but thriving by creating interest, texture and touch within our bleak, frosty gardens. Below are ten of the weirdest winter flowers available:

1. Camellias - With their glossy evergreen leaves and pink to brilliant red petals Camellias can really brighten up your wintery garden. They can survive throughout the entire year, especially during the colder months of winter. They will grow up to ten feet in height and prefer the shade to the light due to their leaves being likely to burn; so ideal for winter!

2. Evergreen Holly - Most of us would love to see Evergreen holly in our gardens at this time of year as it is known to get us into the festive spirit. With their splash of red colour and shiny green leaves they brighten up any wintery garden. It is best to plant holly at the beginning of spring, after the last frost and it will thrive into the winter. stock a wide range of holly ready for the winter.

3. Snowdrops - Snowdrops are one of the most famous winter flowers and are known for poking through the snow and are welcome guests in any garden. The Snowdrop is thought of as a 'weird winter' flower because of its unassuming nature that will survive even the harshest of winters. This small, white, bell shaped flower can grow up to ten inches tall. The best time to plant the bulbs is at the beginning of spring after the final frost of winter.

4. Bergenia - Bergenia is originally from Asia and can grow up to two feet in height and produces large amounts of colourful flowers from white to deep purple. During the winter months the flowers will begin to change colours to bronze, mauve and purple.

5. Hellebores - Hellebores are early bloomers and need very little care or attention so are simple to look after. They can grow to 15 inches in height and can spout flowers as early as January. Originating from Europe, the cupped blossoms from this plant range from white and pale pink to maroon, making this a beautiful winter flower.

6. Mahonia - Mahonia are striking shrubs that can reach anything between eight and 15 feet in height. They will produce bright yellow flowers throughout December through to March. This shrub is ideal for winter hummingbirds.

7. Grevillea Victoriae - If you like weird but wonderful flowers, you will love this one! The colours are like sweets; apricot orange, dark orange, red and pink. The buds open in a spidery starburst of blooms which will brighten up any garden this winter.

8. Oso Berry/ Indian Plum - The Oso Berry isn't the most colourful plant in winter but its white buds begin to show at the early stages of the winter months. They are low maintenance and need very little looking after.

9. Sarcococca - Sarcococca is also known as the winter box and provides a beautiful fragrance around the garden during the cold months. Normally they are evergreen with elegant white flowers and can grow from eight inches to six feet tall.

10. Winter Jasmine - Winter Jasmine provides early bursts of colour during the icy cold months of winter and can reach ten feet in height.

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