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House plants are a classic way to add grace and beauty to any room. A well nurtured plant gift can bloom for many years, as a timeless reminder of great times past, present and future. Here's a selection of some of our favourite plants for the home.

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Service rating : good service
able to track delivery of flowers a bonus
Product : looked beautiful, however only lasted 2 days


The service was good but paying an extra fee for delivery on mothers day was annoying


Service rating : In general good . However having used you before and been in receipt of your product. This time the experience was not so good. I identified that the recipient was moving house and specified that I needed delivery to be after 1.00p.m for that reason. They were delivered early morning and fortunately the estate agent was there at the time to receive them
I had received a bunch of peonies myself which I can only describe as out of this world they are beautiful and the display is amazing. I thought I was selecting the same to be delivered on this order but was somewhat disappointed when they arrived as they are not to the same standard as those I received. It may well be that you have another arrangement but I couldn’t see another peony selection. So perhaps you could educate me with regards to your system so that this doesn’t happen to me again as I would like to order again with you but with confidence of what I am purchasing.
Product : Reference above but the product itself is fine just not what I was expecting.


Everything was delivered on time as it said it would be and I was kept updated at every point. The only problem is I wish there was a delivery instructions section you could type out yourself instead of the pre determined selections e.g. Leave in porch, leave around the back of the house. Sometimes it's not as simple as this and further instruction is required. I needed to specify a ward in the hospital instead of delivering it just to the reception as they handed it to the wrong people and it ended up in supplies to get delivered up to the ward two days later. So I had to spoil the surprise so my partner could go searching for them. All worked out in the end but a section to specify delivery would be a great addition to the website.




I recently visited my elderly relative and saw the flowsers you delivered, they were lovely. Holwever, I think she was very lucky to actually find them. They were left on the doorstep of a very busy road, in spite of the fact that I had indicated on the form that whoever delivered them had to "be patient" when knocking at the door. She does not have a hearing problem and was in her sitting room next to the front door all day and if it hadn’t been for the fact that she went to check on her dustbin, she would not have found them. They could have so easily gone missing as her house is on a main road and a passerrby could have taken them. Disappointing delivery by yodel! I’m afraid I won’t be ordering from you again.


Service rating : Unfortunately I have wrong house number, & where the roses were left on the hedge, those people rarely use the back enterance, SO ot was chance that they found the roses & have them to No 58, the intended recipients...
All in all a muddle, but ended well,
Product : Again I’m unsure, the recipient said they were "ok" considering, but I’m sure that they would have been fine.. Thank you..
I thought you contact re the "process & delivery" was excellent, in fact the service was amazing .. Thank you,


Everything was great EXCEPT,I paid extra for Sunday delivery because that was the day of our anniversary. DPD was the carrier to delievered. They failed to deliver that day. There were people home,car was in the driveway. I think they were way too impatient. They took the time to take a photo of the house,where you can clearly see the car in the reflection. You would think they would try really hard to get rid of their parcels,but I feel this wasn't the case. They ruined our anniversary,as they redelivered them the next day.

House Plants and their health benefits

Asides from sitting pretty and brightening up the home,leafy houseplants boast a number of health benefits, some of which we've listed here:

They help us to breathe easy:Unlike humans who inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, plants do the opposite during photosynthesis, which means they're able to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. This makes plants and people great partners, as they help us to increase our oxygen levels, which of course is an asset to our wellbeing.

They help us to deter illness:Nobody likes to get ill, and plants are great companions for those who wish to deter illness. Studies suggest that certain leafy houseplants or inside plants are able to reduce the signs of dry skin ailments, sore throats, dry coughs and colds. This proves the power of plants is something we should all invest in, especially during the winter months when such illnesses are rife!

They are a natural cleanser:Houseplants play a pivotal role in the cleanliness of our air – especially in indoor spaces. The likes of formaldehyde and carbon monoxide can be removed from the home by plant leaves alone. A few of the plants renowned for removing indoor pollutants include English Ivy, Golden Pothos, the Peace Lily, Azalea and the Spider Plant to name a few.

They're great healers: It's tradition to offer patients in hospitals houseplants or flowers as a gesture of wellbeing. Asides from cheering those who are under the weather up, plants also have proven healing properties. Surrounding yourself by plants when recovering from an ailment can help to lower blood pressure, calm the nerves, decrease pain, help with fatigue and reduce anxiety levels.

Plants help you concentrate:Ever wondered why your office is home to an abundance of pot plants and floral displays? It's not just to make the office a prettier place, that's for sure. Studies show that ornamental plants placed in both the home and work environment can increase both concentration levels and memory retention.

They brighten the mood:Whether you're looking for an instant injection of colour or fragrance, or simply wish to add a little life to an otherwise drab room – investing in houseplants is a great way to do just this. It's also extremely cost-effective and a beautiful bouquet of flowers will not only lift your interior space, it's guaranteed to lift your mood too.

House Plants and Indoor Plants Delivered in the UK

Indoor plants or leafy houseplants give a fresh and bright look to your home, a look that is welcoming and inviting not just for your visitors, but also for yourself. Whether you are looking to brighten up the look of your home or add a splash of freshness, a well-nurtured plant from an expert florist has the ability to turn the look of a room around. Are you not sure what plants to put in which room in your house? Start with the easiest ones to care for, as they require little care and can happily live in any room. Choose from planted rose baskets, campanula basket, planted mixed baskets, orchids, jasmine or kalanchoe. Indoor flowering plants come in variety of sizes, shapes and pots so you could please even the most particular recipient. Do you know what are the most popular house plants? In the UK, it's the spider plant, aloe vera, peace lily, jade plants, African violets, weeping figs and many others. Spider plant is probably the best one for beginners, it is very low maintenance, produces flower in spring and summer and it's easy to create new plants from the baby spiders growing on it. Aloe Vera, in addition to being a beautiful fresh plant, is used for a variety of beauty and health benefits, so it's not just pretty, but also good for you. Peace Lily is beautiful houseplant both for home or office, but can be sensitive to the wrong amount of light or water. You can order one online together with some other popular options like campanula, kalanchoe and stunning orchids (Phalenopsis and Dendrobium) and arrange a delivery straight to your house, anywhere in the UK.

There are, of course a number of reasons to send a planted gift, instead of fresh flowers for example. Not only do they live longer than bouquets and flowers, they are easy to care for. At, we keep in mind all emotional connections attached to sending plants and flowers. This is why we offer you a selection of flowering house plants that is as exotic as our flower variety. Presented beautifully, our indoor plants come in beautiful baskets and pots. Tended with love by our expert florist, we make sure the plants are in the freshest form when you have the indoor plants delivered. Our online plant delivery service makes finding and placing and order for new indoor plants as easy as it can get. Browse through a wide range of plants online and pick the perfect gift for a friend or loved one and send indoor plants online by post though our reliable and trusted service. Send house plants online to any residential address in the UK – as an online florist, we deliver all over the country, not just in London and England, but all over Scotland and Wales too.

Shop Indoor Plants Online

Our indoor plants are planted in beautiful pots, from conventional plain green plants to exotic floral variety that includes beautiful red blooms and gift wrapped yellow daffodils, you're sure to find a plant for every occasion online on our website. We also have few very unique arrangements in watering cans or even a kettle, if you're looking for a truly unique gifts. All of these flowering house plants and indoor flowering plants require very little care and attention, so you don't need to worry if you want to have house plants delivered to someone who is not very skilled at gardening in general. Some of our most popular house plants include our potted orchids, which despite their delicate nature, can arrange a delivery anywhere in the UK without harming a single petal. Potted roses are also some of our most popular houseplants, thanks to their affordability and beautiful presentation they make a great gift for any recipient and look stunning in any house.

In addition to offering a diverse variety of flowering house plants, there is one more thing that sets us apart from others on the market. Other than the unbeatable variety of indoor plants we offer, there is one more thing that makes us the best place to buy indoor plants online – our exemplary service. For your convenience, we take orders all year round. We make sure your orders are delivered on time no matter what time of the day you place the order (you can order up to 10pm for free next day delivery). We offer a convenient and quick plant delivery throughout the UK, with no additional charges. Be it weekend or holiday season, the delivery is free all year round. We go the extra mile to make sure the inside plants arrive at the home of the recipient, in their freshest form. We make it extremely easy for you to place your order, all you have to do is go online and make a selection from our leafy house plants to have indoor plants online delivered to your loved one's doors. Add style, excitement and a bit of whimsical colour to your friend's home with small houseplants or inside plants from an expert florist,

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