Britain’s best selling flower… and most ubiquitous! You’ll find carnations everywhere from buttonholes and bouquets to, somewhat less glamorously, filling-station forecourts. But you won’t find finer or more stylish than ours… and you can rest assured these happy splashes of colour will last for ages with very little care.

Rose and Carnation

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Written on: 10/04/2012
Review of Serenata Flowers,

"excellent flowers and customer service"

I ordered from New York to ship to London, and used Serenata based on a Which review. I first ordered next day delivery which the system garbled, so I called the 24 hour number--on Easter Sunday--and was gently reminded the next day was a bank holiday. The woman instantly refunded my delivery charge,and set up for free delivery for the Tuesday. I considered making the order Deluxe but we couldn’t easily do that. Since it wasn’t deluxe, I was surprised to hear my friend talk about how large and abundant the bouquet was. She emailed me:

“My lovely beautiful flowers just arrived!!! Gorgeous lilies roses and carnations and ALL PINK!!!! So beautiful :-D thank you so much!!!! So so special and so so pretty!!“

She also told me on the phone how beautifully perfumed they are, and how many of them there were.

35 GBP for flowers is of course a lot of money, but especially as I am in New York, and my friend in London was so happy with the flowers, it was actually an excellent value.

UPDATE One week later, she emailed me:
My flowers are BEAUTIFUL!!!! The lilies have gone now :-( but the roses and carnations and other pretty pink flowers are still going strong! The roses are HUGE!!!!!! I have filled FOUR VASES!!!

All in all, a good experience, except for the website not running too smoothly.


Service rating : Service was very good and I was happy with the efficiency of how my order was handled
Product : I went to my mums two days after the flowers were delivered . I was absolutely disgusted at the flowers that she received, they were very poor. 2 of the flowers were limp and flopped over the vase (mum said they had been like it when she took them out of the box !) and there were so few other flowers that they didn’t even make a display in the SMALLEST vase that mum has. ( which she usually uses for a £2.00 bunch of carnations from the supermarket) I am sooo disappointed, I anted mum to have something special as she has been through a lot just lately , and really needs cheering up. Of course my mum would never say anything to me but I could tell in her voice when I rang her and asked if they were nice, she said " yes thankyou" my mm is the sort to get very excited about receiving flowers and she would not stop going on about them for days . With these flowers, all i got was yes thankyou, and never another mention. Theses flowers are already dead..... 5 days after delivery. Very disappointed and upset.


Service rating : This is the second time I have ordered from here, and both times the total experience was absolutely faultless. I ordered a basket arrangement (Raspberry Ripple - Grandissimo) for my mother in Law who has just moved to a new house. They were ordered in the evening, and were delivered the following day. I would highly recommend Serenata Flowers to everyone, you wont be disappointed.
Product : The amount of flowers in this arrangement, far exceeded what I expected. There was a great variety, with Roses, Freesia, Carnations to name just a few. My Mother in Law could not stop saying how lovely they are, and she was ’thrilled to bits’ with them. An all round brilliant service, and definately one I shall be using in the future.


Service rating : I was impressed with the text notification to confirm that the flowers had been delivered to their destination address.
Product : My daughter was sent a beautiful bouquet from your web-site in February so she decided to use the same company to send me flowers for Mothers Day. I am unsure how to rate my arrangement! My daughter and I were a bit disappointed with the size of this arrangement. Also, the roses never blossomed and the carnations looked washed out and very different to those shown on web-site. I sent the same arrangement to my Mother - in -law so I am hoping that fresher/ more colourful blooms were available for her bouquet !


Service rating : Good communication and prompt delivery.
Product : Having ordered on two previous occasions, I was unfortunately very dissapointed on this occasion. The spray carnations had mould on them, and many of the other flowers were well past their best and had been cut too short. Instead of a nicely spiralled and shaped bunch as before, the whole lot had been crammed into a too small container and looked a complete mess. Not sure what happened here, but it was a Xmas eve delivery so presumably the company is busy, but they should not be accepting orders if they cannot maintain quality due to demand. They seem like a good company service-wise, but I won’t risk ordering again.


Amazing service very fast delivery, very easy web site to use to place an order. Loved all the emails I got that kept me up to date on the progress of my order. Would definitely buy from Serenata flowers again and would recommend them to friends and family. I like that there were a nice selection for all pockets and that the 9.99 range wasn't some stuffy old carnations and few bits of Gypsophila with way to much greenery , it was really nice to be able to buy a nice bunch of flowers that were different and fresh and of a modern style.


Service rating : Great site, good service and customer notifications. Delivered on time.
Product : Very hard to rate flowers that you never’s hard to push the recipient for feedback and they are hardly likely to tell you they’re awful seeing as you just made the effort to send them! However, the recipient of this bouquet said the pink carnations and roses were lovely. No mention of the lilies which I would have thought would be strikingly I’m rather concerned the bouquet was not what was in the picture - but I have no way of knowing. Good service though.

Bouquet of Carnations with free delivery

Carnations are UK's best selling flower and rightly so. They are undoubtedly one of the most prettiest and ubiquitous of all the flower species and are somewhat glamorous and more stylish than other flowers. We offer you the opportunity to spread the happy splashes of coloured carnations in the lives of your loved ones. You ability to send carnations online has never been easier! Are you wondering what do carnation flowers mean and what do they symbolise in the floral world? They have been linked with fascination, a woman's love and pride. Red carnations represents admiration and literally says "my heart aches for you." While red carnations represent the fire of passion, white carnations represent pure love, a woman's sweetens sand loveliness. Pink carnations say "I will never forget you." Although there are nearly half a dozen more colors of carnations, these three are the best colours to choose when it comes to expressing your love for your wife, lover or sweetheart.

We offer a beautiful selection of carnations with free delivery that are perfect for an anniversary or a birthday celebration. Our carnations are a great way of expressing your love for your sweetheart and you can do it with style to really make your sweetheart's day. These flowers are just a wonderful way of expressing your deepest love to the person you care about the most. You can send carnations to their home, office or even hospital, so that she can show off her flowers to her colleagues and friends, or to wish he quick recovery if she's staying in hospital.

Carnations by Post

This could just be the kind of surprise that some special in your life needs. And the best part is you don't even need an occasion as an excuse to show them your love with our premium quality carnations. Along with allowing you to send carnations online, we offer an abundance of carnations from light to medium pink, and from hot pink and yellow, which are all carefully selected and meticulously arranged in a beautiful carnations bouquet. You can easily celebrate any special occasion with our carnations with free delivery. We offer some of the most beautiful flower arrangements you will find online. If you really want to make it a one of a kind gift for your loved one, buy flowers in London or anywhere in the UK from and we will deliver them within 24 hours. If you want the best carnations then we are definitely your best choice. Best of all, thanks to our convenient online store, you can order your carnations up to 10pm and we will deliver them still the next day, with no delivery charges. So, what are you waiting for? Order now and get access to our extensive variety of beautiful affordable carnations with free delivery to show your loved ones exactly how much you care.

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