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I placed an order to offer to my sister-in-law for her birthday. It was delivered on the correct date, however, instead of roses, she received orchids... Nonetheless I would recommend this company and will use its services again.


Excellent service, super quick delivery and the orchids I was told were beautiful


Brilliant company. Orchid arrive at the time of day I was informed it would be delivered, beautifully packed. I’ve since made three orders of the same plants to friends all of whom have been delighted with the quality of their orchids.

St. Albans

Our friend said that the orchids were beautiful!


The actual bird cage was beautiful but was not packaged for travelling very well . Most of the soil was in the cage not the pot with the ivy in, Not sure it will survive. This is the second purchase from you the first one and this was for my Daughter in her new home . The first purchase of purple orchids and vase was perfect but I was a bit upset with the second this does not mean I will not purchase from you again. Maybe a gesture of a discount next time


the orchids that I sent to 2 families for Christmas are lovely. The condition ofthe plants is great and the amount and show of the orchid flowers is astounding.The buds to come open will last until early spring all being well.Thank you for the delivery which was on the dot at the two houses, and I waskept in the loop as to where the plants were in the journey.A little disappointed to see in an email a few days ago that the plants are beingsold £10 less expensive than pre Christmas.Alison


Ii ordered flowers on line from California and I couldn't be happier with the service, the price and the quality of the orchids! Thanks Serenata!!

Dendrobium Orchids Care

Did you know there are over 1.000 types and varieties of Dendrobium orchid? The differences come from various characteristics like size, appearance and mainly growing requirements, that's the main reason you should always find out precisely what type of Dendrobium orchid you have to be able to take care of it properly. From botanic perspective, Dendrobium orchids can be divided into two groups – hard-caned orchids which have thin pseudobulbs with darker leaves and soft-caned, which are known to be evergreen and keep their leaves for many years. The other difference comes from the way they grow their flowers – hard-caned Dendrobiums are characteristic by having spikes from the top of the plant and produce beautiful flower sprays. If you have soft-caned Dendrobium orchid, you might notice that it drops leaves when the weather gets cold, which is pretty characteristic for this type of orchid. To be able to give you an illustration of the basic care of Dendrobium orchids, here are two most common orchids and how to take care of them, one of teach group!

Dendrobium Nobile, soft-caned orchid – Basic Care

This type of orchid should be watered in the morning, using only lukewarm water, not cold one as many people think. When it comes to the frequency of the watering, you really need to watch out for few things – for example when your orchid actively grows, the watering should be kept to once a week. At the beginning of autumn, reduce the watering a bit which will help to encourage further growth. In winter, you should watch the orchid closely and only water when you see that the pseudobulbs are shriveling, that's in general an indicator that the plant is not receiving enough water. Dendrobium Nobile thrives in conditions with lots of light. Windowsill with south facing window would be the ideal place for this plant. Don't expose the Dendrobium orchid to direct sunlight as it may burn the leaves. Unlike Phalenopsis Dendrobium orchids, Nobile needs a little lower room temperature around 4.4°C to 10°C. To keep the orchid healthy and blooming, it should be also fertilised regularly. For Dendrobium Nobile, that should be when it's in full growth. And here comes the hard part – potting requirements. These orchids should be repotted every year and a half to two years. When the canes start to overgrow the pot, you know it's the right time. Never repot the orchid when it's blooming, wait until the blooming is over and trim away any damaged roots with sterile scissors. You can also split the orchid into two plants, as long as you keep 7 or 8 canes for each.

Dendrobium Phalaenopsis, hard-cane orchid – basic care

If you have a Dendrobium Phalaenopsis at home, it should be watered in the morning with tepid water. The watering requirements are pretty individual, depending on the type of pot for the orchid, temperature in the room and time of the year. Generally, water more frequently in warmer months and less in winter months. When your Dendrobium orchid grows actively, always water so that the potting medium is kept moist, but leave enough time to dry before the next watering. Unlike Nobile, Phalaenopsis are happy with medium light condition and don't need nearly as much light as Nobile orchids. Put them on an eastern facing windowstill and they will be pretty happy there. During day time, the temperature in the room where you keep your Dendrobium Phalaenopsis should be between 23.8°C to 29.4°C. Same as said earlier, when it active growth the orchids should be fertilized regularly, but never put fertilizer on dry roots as it might damage them. Fertilise them every 2-3 weeks in summer and once a month in winter. For repotting, it's recommended Dendrobium Phalaenopis is repotted every two years, or once the potting medium is soggy and doesn't drain properly. Of course, always wait until the orchid stopped blooming before repotting. Remove the old potting medium and cut away all old roots. These orchids are happier in smaller pots, but when they outgrow it, it's time to repot.

Dendrobium orchids for sale online

It's now easier than ever to have these beautiful plants at home or to arrange a delivery as a gift to your loved one. You don't even need to leave the house in the search of a florist near you. Simple choose from a wide selection of Dendrobium orchids for sale online and enjoy the convenience that online shopping brings. Send orchids by post to any address in the UK, no matter if it's London, Edinburgh or Cardiff. We can arrange next day delivery anywhere in the UK, even if you remember at the very last minute and need to arrange a delivery late in the evening. All you have to do to send Dendrobium orchids to your friend, mum or a relative is to pick one of your choice, add to the shopping basket and proceed to checkout. Even though orchids are pretty delicate to transport, we can assure you that we have taken all the measures possible to have your orchids delivered in pristine condition, and on time. The orchids will arrive next day right in front of your door, if we receive your order by 10.00 pm the night before (weekdays). Each flower delivery that we send to the recipient comes with a free care guide, so even though they might have no idea how to care for Dendrobium orchids, our handy card will tell them exactly what they need to know to keep their orchid happy. You can either grow Dendrobium Orchids at home, or you can also order Dendrobium orchid bouquet from our flower section – the most popular products right now are Bali Hai (deep pink Dendrobium bouquet), Galaxy Blue Dendrobium and our brand new white Dendrobium. Don't hesitate and spoil someone with a beautiful lasting gift – have Dendrobium orchids delivered to any residential address and let us help you make the most out of the occasion by bringing a smile to your loved ones.

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