A homemade hamper is not only an extremely generous gift; it’s a thoughtful one too. There are a number of gifts you can pop inside a hamper, meaning this is a present that is easily tailored to all. Whether you’re gifting a client, a loved one, a friend or a family member, the Christmas hamper has certainly made a comeback and is being labelled as one of the most quintessential gifts this year.

Wish them a Happy Christmas not just with a greeting card, but a beautiful gourmet hamper from SerenataFlowers.com.

1. Sweet treats

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat every now and again and what better excuse to indulge than Christmas itself?

From clouds of fluffy meringues, to bountiful buttery biscuits and creamy fudge galore, a Christmas hamper is the perfect gift for those with a sweet tooth. If you’re opting for a festively themed Christmas hamper, choose from condiments such as Brandy butter, mini mince pies, and cinnamon coated truffles.

Of course, no festive hamper would be complete without a Christmas pudding.

Prior to picking out your sweet treats, think about the tastes of those you intend to gift this year.

If they prefer white and milk chocolate, choose the likes of dipped strawberries, alternatively, if they’re more of a dark chocolate connoisseur, opt for items with high cocoa percentages. If you’re not sure of their tastes, mix it up!

2. Savoury in style

If you’re giving a hamper to someone who prefers savoury goods, filling it with a wide range of cheeses, including everything from blue to Manchego is guaranteed to suffice.

Add a few gourmet crackers, chutneys, pork scratching’s and mixed nuts to the mix for extra effect.

3. Wine o clock

We all indulge ourselves at Christmas and what goes better with a taste-tantalising meal than a bottle of fine red, white or rosé wine?

If you’re giving a gift to somewhat that considers themselves a wine connoisseur, it’s important to choose wisely.

4. Ales

More often than not, the men in our lives prefer ales to cocktails, which is when an ale-infused hamper comes in handy.

From a bottle of Timothy Taylors to a glass of St Peter’s finest bitter, there is an ale to suit all aficionados. A guaranteed winner of a gift this festive season.

5. Bring on the bubbles

It’s a tradition in most households to toast Christmas Day with a glass of champagne, so what better way to do this than to fill a hamper with a couple of your loved one’s favourite bottles of bubbly?

6. Softies

Asides from filling your hamper with a number of alcoholic beverages, all of which are guaranteed to encourage festive cheer, it’s a good idea to invest in a few soft drinks too.

The likes of sparling elderflower juice and pink lemonade still offer a fizz and are suitable for children, whilst smoothies and juices are a great option for the health conscious and also those planning a detox post Christmas day.

7. Glasses

All beverages require a great glass, so why not add one or two to a hamper this year.

Whether you go all out and opt for sterling silver champagne flutes or alternatively, copper mugs, there is a drinking vessel to suit all!

8. Something different

Popcorn, although not your average hamper filler, is growing bigger and better by the minute.

With so many delectable flavours available, you’re guaranteed to find a festively themed packet of popcorn this year. A great option for kids and adults!

9. Something to hang on the tree

From colourful candy canes to cutesy chocolate fairies, adding a few edible decorations to a Christmas hamper is a great way to please those with a sweet tooth. It’s also an extremely versatile hamper offering, as they can be used as decorations prior to being devoured!

Want to push the boat out? Throw in a handful of those famous Christmas chocolate coins.

10. Spices and salts

As well as an array of gourmet delights, spices and salts are also a great option to pop in a hamper. There are a number of speciality salts and spices available today and many come in designer shakers and grinders.

The likes of Himalayan pink salt, mixed chillies and red peppercorns are a must for foodies. You may even wish to pop a pestle and mortar into the mix and let your loved one’s have a go at grinding their own condiments.

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